Has anyone been paid from overseas by escrow?

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  1. Hello, I am new to this site, and wanted to know if anyone who has a ebay acct. has been paid with escrow from europe,...I think the buyer wants to put the money in ebay escrow, and receive the bag before it is released.
    I am asking this for my friend who put up an bag for me for sale on her ebay acct. Is that safe? I am totally unfamiliar with ebay. How do you get the money out of escrow once the person has the bag?:shrugs: Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  2. I have never used an escrow account nor will I. I limit my auctions to paypal only after my hubby was scammed by a fake cashier's check. There are plenty of buyers with paypal accounts so I just wait for one of them to pop up. Hopefully, someone with experience with escrow can chime in..
  3. isn't Escrow supposed to be Safer for both the Buyer & Seller ?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but According to my memory :

    Because if the Buyer is not satisfied, she/he has to return that item within certain days; If that person failed to do that, they could not get their money back..
    It's a good protection for buyer since all they need to do is return the unsatisified item and get their money back.

    For seller, if the item is satisified with the customer, the money is released to the Seller.
  4. No, no...this is not at all safe.
    Most of the escrow services are fake.
    If you also read ebay rules and ways to protect yourself you'll find that they are in no way affiliated with any escrow service..nor do they recommend it..
    Hope this helps!
  5. Escrow is safe but you have to make sure it's not a fake Escrow site. There's a lot of scam going on with fake Escrow sites.

    I heard Escrow can be a bit of a hassle if the buyer is not completely satisfied with the item. He has to release the money and if he doesn't do so...

    As I buyer I would love Escrow. As a seller I would have the same thoughts as with using PayPal.
  6. Actually, on eBay UK listing submissiong, the bottom page provides a Checkbox for you see whether you would like to offer Escrow for the safety of Buyer.

    I have no first-hand experience with Escrow, but is Escrow.com the only Legit site to provide this kind of service?

  7. :yes:

    An overseas buyer (from Spain) said they wanted to buy a high-ish value item from me and said that they were only prepared to pay via Escrow, because it was 'safer for the buyer and the seller'.

    I was suspicious and went to the Escrow site and they warn you about other Escrow imposter sites/emails themselves!

    I wrote back and told him that Paypal was the safest for everyone concerned and I never heard from him again. :shrugs:

  8. :yes:
  9. Thank you very much for your input. I really appreciate it. I think we will steer clear of the escrow, sounds complicated, and I do not want my friend who is already doing me a favor, to have to go through any problems.:flowers:
  10. I have used www.escrow.com for my Birkin. This site is legite and is very professional. The seller and buyer must open an account with escrow.com and buyer pays the escrow service(the middle man) Once the item is received.. The buyer evaluates the item. After buyer says OK.. escrow releases the money to the seller. I highly recommend it for $$$$ items.
  11. Actually my thoughts are extremely opposite, I used to want to buy a Mac online, and when the sellers refuse to accept Escrow, I would just turn away because Paypal seriously doesn't really cover that much $ at all!
  12. I understand that if the buyer pays escrow, she receives the bag first, and then she will release the funds...and that is all great I know my bag is authentic...still have box, recipt, etc....My fear is ...this is a buyer I do not know in another country, what if she is dishonest, and says the bag is a fake, keeps my real one and sends me back something else...to show she shipped back to me, and then also keeps the money. What would I do then?
  13. This is a scary thought! But this is possible with Paypal as well. They swap your authentic bag for a fake, and then file a chargeback...
  14. There are always risks in trading that if the Buyer/Seller is dishonest... I guess maybe you can take it to the store and has somebody gives you a written confirmation of authenticity.

    Also, Please check out the official Legit website of Escrow , https://www.escrow.com/

    You can see in details how Escrow works in between buyers and sellers.