Has anyone been on Handbag Locator?

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  1. Appearantly there's this new site it weeds through eBay finding bags for you from Louis Vuitton to Hermes..to Balenciaga...obviously since they get it from eBay so some will be fake but there seem to be much less riff raft..so they must have a system too..

    check it out..just click on the bags and the ones on eBay currently will be displayed..

    HandbagLocator.com - The Visual Luxury Hangbag Locator for eBay.
  2. I think my friend uses this ! :yes:
  3. Cool. Thanks for sharing Khoi. This'll come in handy if I'm looking for a d/c'd bag pic for reference.
  4. awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks for sharing
  6. Coolio (as my daughter would say)
  7. that's great, thanx, do the sort acc. authenticity as well :rolleyes:?
  8. Thanks for passing this on! I have not purchased any bags from eBay as I am worried that it would be fake.
  9. After looking at the Pradas on handbag locator, I have to say that it's not doing a better job of weeding through the junk than the usual ebay search.