Has anyone been on a tour of Europe? by yourself? few Q's......

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am finally finishing 8 years of school this coming August (I know its a bit away but I'd like to plan everything out) and I think I need a much deserved trip before getting down to business.
    So what I am thinking of doing a tour thourgh Europe in early 2009. I'm hoping to go with someone else but they might not be able to make

    so I am going to begin to planning this trip as a sole traveller, so let's see where to begin with the Q's...thanks!

    1.how long did you go for?
    2.where did you go?
    3.how long ago?
    4. Was it a packaged trip or did you do it at your own pace ?
    5.how much did it all cost once it was done with (sorry for getting personal but I just wanted an idea of what to expect)
    6. What was your favorite destination?

    Thanks everyone!

    (sorry for the horrible spelling, I'm still trying to get use to my berry)
  2. Good for you! Congrats on finishing school.

    I haven't been YET, so this may not be much help, but I'm planning a solo trip to Paris this year. Will be gone a week, and I'm going at my own pace. I've enrolled in a beginner French class to help...as I remember flying through CDG last year and could find no one who spoke English! I anticipate spending around $5k for the entire trip...$600 for airfare, and I'm staying at a moderately priced hotel right in the middle of everything. And I plan to shop! I'm reading lots of books on French history and art, and am planning my tour around that.

    What countries did you want to travel to? People may be able to give you more specific advice based on where in Europe you're headed.
  3. I have been to Spain by myself.. and Denmark (for work.. but did a bit of travelling around to Germany and Sweden)... I've been to Ireland, England, France as well.
    I guess the question is what types of travelling will you be doing?
    Will you be staying in youth hostels and backpacking around or will you be staying in tourist hotels ? I think that as a solo traveler I'd prefer to NOT stay in a hostel. I've stayed in some decent budget class hotels (NO shared bathroom) in Spain for pretty cheap and felt pretty safe.

    Your best best is to first list out your desired countries. Book your flight into and out of Europe, then plan the places in between. Figure out the options for each:
    - train (look into pricing.. you can get deals if you buy in advance)
    - fly (it's very cheap intra-europe, but watch the baggage requirements -- read carefully or you'll pay a lot!!)
    - drive (can get expensive but is a good option for touring around within a country .. i.e. Ireland)
    - ferry
  4. My DH was stationed in Germany and traveled to a lot of places while he was there. I've been to Europe a couple of times and I loved everywhere I went equally...it would be difficult to choose a favorite place!

    If you use a Eurorail pass, you can save money and hop around Europe and then stay in hostels. I know people do this for relatively cheap and their plane ticket is the most expensive thing. If you want a more luxurious experience, like staying in a hotel and taking your time, then it will cost more and I'd suggest picking a few locations to visit to maximize your enjoyment. So really, what type of trip are you wanting to take? Once you answer that question it will be a lot easier to know the details. :smile:
  5. If you plan on coming to Germany I'd be glad to give you some tips. I'd definitely recommend visiting London, Paris and Dublin.
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you all the replies....
    These are some of the locations I am planning or at least try to stop by...

    Italy: Rome Venice Milan
    France : Paris (I have relatives here so i MIGHT not need a hotel)
    London England
    Germany : Berlin Munich
    Greece: Athens Olympia
    and MAYBE Amsterdam

    Of course I am open to add in a few different cities that are "see". I probably wont get a chance to go on a trip like this after I get back so my schedule is pretty open.

    I would perfer "moderate" or Economy class of travelling. I am not one to backpack or stay in hostels.

    So any comments would be much appreciated!

    Thank you all so much!
  7. I went to Europe by myself when I was in college. It wasnt exactly a backpacking trip because I had a relative living in Germany whose house I used as a base for my traveling. I did travel cheaply and stay in youth hostels (which was fun btw). I met other kids from the US there so I ended up traveling them.
    It was fun. I went for 2 months. Did all the college things ;)

    I would do it again... but maybe not the youth hostel part. Those beds werent comfortable and I am getting old.

    Have fun on your trip.
  8. me_love_purse : how long ago did you go? and what method of transportation did you use? did you find the trip costly?
  9. Congrats on finishing school!

    You should get one of those Lonely Planet guides to flip through. They have one for all of Europe. They have really good advice for backpackers and you will find it to be a great resource to look for places to stay/transportation/things to do.

    I know you mentioned you are not into hostels. May I ask why? They are cheaper and are pretty clean and well-run. Staying in hostels as opposed to hotels can definitely cut your costs by a lot. Another plus is that you'll meet people (usually students) whom you can hang out with in some of the places. I think they are a great option for college students (not sure if you are one... can definitely understand not wanting to stay in them if you are older and not into that kind of atmosphere.)

    The Eurorail is costly if you are only visiting a few cities - intended for serious backpackers. You should do a price comparison between paying for that versus buying each ticket independently. When I backpacked with my friend we bought each ticket separately because it was actually cheaper. I noticed you have a pretty spread out itinerary - you'll probably have no option than to fly to Greece... so maybe you should do a combination of transportation. Driving I don't recommend because you'll be spending most of your time driving. That's just a waste of time when you are traveling. If you do though, definitely get a car with GPS because navigating a new place is a serious pain in the you know where.

    You should definitely plan ahead about the big things, like how to get there and where you'll stay, but be open about changes (both bad and good.) Keeping an open mind and having a happy go lucky attitude will make your experience much more fun - especially when you want to hit so many places all in one trip. A packaged trip can save you a lot of trouble with the logistics, so if you find one you like, maybe that is the way to go... but might not be a truly individual and "finding yourself experience" if that's what you want.

    MissV... I assume you are a girl? Safety then is a big concern. Bring along a pepper spray and keep it in your purse/pocket at all times. Keep your guard up at touristy places and use common sense when dealing with strangers. Just be aware that a solo girl tourist is a huge target for bad people and err on the side of caution. Call or email you family/friends everyday to let them know you're ok so at least someone back home is keeping track of your whereabouts.

    Good luck on your travels! You'll have so much fun and find yourself! Or whatever!
  10. Thank you for you reply!!
    Thats how I figure I might want to stay in a low budget hotel because I am a female (college students are in my age range..I will be 24 turning 25 by feb next year (23 now...yup...I know your thinking WHAT?!!!) Lets just say I didn't get a break so I'm taking it in 2009) so thats what makes me so iffy bout staying in hostels..

    I know when I drive thourgh downtown, I always say to myself "how do people travel like this?"..So I just figured that the hostels are same or similar everwhere else.

    I am so nervous!!!It's more then a year away and I have no idea where to begin...
  11. I went to Venice in October and loved it! I cannot wait to go back! To me it was just so quaint and laid back. Pretty much where ever you chose to stay in Venice will be good. We didn't take any water taxis because walking seemed so much more fun to check everything out and see it all.

    I also went to Rome and make sure you plan 3 or 4 days for Rome there is just sooo much to see and do. Go to the Vatican on a weekday but if you go on the weekend go after noon. Most people believe you have to get their early to get in but not true. You can go around noon and almost walk in. We used Angel Tours for our Vatican tour and it was awesome.

    Also you might want to check some of the Tripadvisor forums to get some good advice on places to go stay and things to check out. There is tons of advice in there. That's how I found a lot of stuff I wanted to do.

    Even though I didn't like it too much Florence is about an hour train right from Rome so that might be an option for you. Climbing the dome was cool. Being able to see the city and the countryside was awesome and the bronze doors are really cool! Pisa is an hour from Florence so maybe it's not too far from Rome, not sure. Pisa was amazing to see and even cooler to walk up! If you go you have to do the traditional holding up the Leaning tower pic. EVERYONE does it! It's so cheesy it's cool.
  12. Ooooooooooh italy sounds like a must make time country (i intially was only going to give italy 3 days..)....hmmm
  13. I was in Italy for a week and didn't feel like it was enough!

    You can do 3 days but you will definitely want to go back. Don't forget to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain to make sure you come back!!
  14. I went alone right after high school.

    1. how long did you go for? 2 months

    2.where did you go? London, Manchester, Paris, Florence, Zurich, Prague, Kiel, Berlin, Amsterdam, Strausberg, and Frankfurt

    3.how long ago? 2004

    4. Was it a packaged trip or did you do it at your own pace ? All alone, at my own pace.

    5.how much did it all cost once it was done with- $10,0000- $12,0000

    6. What was your favorite destination? Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague
  15. 1.how long did you go for?
    Grand Tour of Europe: 5 weeks
    Spain, Portugal, & Morocco Tour: 2 & 1/2 weeks (approx)
    2.where did you go?
    England, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain, Morrocco, Portugal,
    3.how long ago?
    3 & 5 years ago
    4. Was it a packaged trip or did you do it at your own pace?
    packaged trip
    5.how much did it all cost once it was done with (sorry for getting personal but I just wanted an idea of what to expect)
    I'm really not sure because my mom paid, but I'm pretty sure that the grand tour of Europe cost somewhere around 8-9k. It's hard to estimate because of the extra food that wasn't included in the tour, shopping, etc.
    6. What was your favorite destination?
    It's sooo hard to pick. I really loved France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland though!