Has anyone been caught?

  1. Hi gals I was just wondering if anyone had ever been caught on tPF at work? If so what happened did you get in trouble? Is tPF that addicting? Are you sneaky? Just curious I am a SAM so NO I've never been caught.:p Thanks gals :heart: y'all!!!!!
  2. I have been on tPF some over the last week, but I am afraid that our IT guys will report me for it. But I did it anyway. Can you imagine? What if I get fired for browing tPF during working hours? Yikes!
  3. on my lunch break.. but that's break so there's technically nothing wrong with it.
  4. i've never been caught, but my last job was pretty lax when it came to internet monitoring - and i do web stuff, so multiple browsers open doesn't raise any eyebrows. but now i've switched jobs, and my new company has an ultra-restrictive policy with many sites blocked and any attempts to access them logged, so i don't dare attempt to access tPF. it's too bad, really...but then, it's probably better for my wallet :p
  5. I work at a university, so no site is off limits. I almost wish there were some restrictions, so that I wouldn't be tempted to log on during the day and browse for deals on eBay. I try to set up a policy where I won't browse until I achieve a certain task (honestly that doesn't work very well :graucho:).
  6. Yeah.. by my 3 year old! I stay at home, but I tell you what, she busts me worse than any boss. The TPF is so addicting it's insane.
  8. luckily, I have a pda phone so im able to go on the internet whenever I want. im a nanny, and besides when im helping the kids do their homework, Im able to check tpf pretty often.
  9. I work in SF for a media company, so I think if they tried to restrict internet access, there would be a revolt!
  10. I'm on tPF so often when I'm work, I'm terrified that my IT guys are gonna bust me for it soon! My immediate colleagues know I'm on cos they see me on when they walk past sometimes, but they don't say anything.. Prolly cos they don't know exactly how much time I'm here. :s

    I know I should stop, but I'm just SO addicted! :shame:
  11. I was doing some temp work on my holidays (yes working on my work holidays)... no I'm not crazy, it was for a favour of a friend in Recruitment who needed a PA desperately for a week for their client

    Anyway, I saved TPF (signed in) in favourites... "easy access" LOL

    Well, whaddya know it? I forgot to take it out of favourites didnt I!

    I had to call in the office and get the regular PA to delete it for me... I dont think she knew what it was, so it was all OK!
  12. I work for a university too! work, tpf, work, tpf, little work, lotta tpf. I even check eBay once in a while but try to jump in and out real quick. In case someone's tracking. whatta ya gonna do? Iguess I'll just wait till they say STOP - aint government work grand? :smile:
  13. haha i'm very discrete when it comes to tPF :smile:
  14. I work for a university as well but we have been warned not to go to sites that aren't related to our work and that we are being monitored. I haven't logically been able to connect the TPF to my work yet!