Has anyone been burned by handbagcity.net?

  1. I ordered 5 bags from handbagcity.net and one of them, a "coach" bag has coach spelled "COAOH". They will not return any emails and paypal won't do anything because a claim can only be against someone for a non-receipt, not a disputed item.:tdown:
  2. Sorry to be the one that brings bad news but that site is full of FAKES!! The only site that can authorize Louis Vuitton sales is eluxury.com

    I am sorry but you were cheated, those are all fakes!
  3. plua real Louis Vuitton is NEVER that cheap
  4. If your paypal account is linked to your credit card, i would do a chargeback immediately. Your credit card company should be able to secure the money; don't wait on this.
  5. wow...im really sory. def. act now in trying to get it staright tho
  6. I bought from www.handbagcity.com in china and got RIPPED OFF! They sell HORRIBLE quality, FAKE merchandise. I bought 20 "Ipod touch" from them that were $2000 total and they had 1gb on them and started FALLING apart. They were junk I would give to my dog to play with. They need to be shut down. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!
  7. The site no longer works...
  8. [​IMG]

    Sorry but I love that picture. Yeah it's a fake site. Next time check here first. I've done that many times and saved a lot of grief and money in the process.
  9. Fortunately the site is down, I hope forever
  10. Bravo!:woohoo: (that is about the site being shut down)

    sorry 'bout anyone who ever purchased from them.
  11. I just ignore sites with names like that.