Has anyone been able to order Bleeckers??

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  1. Has anyone had any success in ordering a Bleecker with their PCE?? I know it's supposed to be exempt but....... ;)

    Nothing is calling to me either stylewise or pricewise! But I'm really feeling the Lg Bleecker Duffle in Ink!!
  2. I bought the tattersall travel tote with PCE. I might try to call my SA to get the framed wristlet and the ponytail scarf. That might be pushing it, though!
  3. My SA gave me the discount on my new Bleecker Leather Checkbook Wallet but she said she wasn't supposed to. I guess it just depends on the SA.
  4. The stores are not supposed to allow the PCE on any of the new merchandise, particularly the bleecker collection. They can probably get by with an accessory here and there, but to sell a bag would probably get them in trouble. My store won't even show them to customers yet because they don't want them to fall in love and then try and use the discount on them.
  5. No go... I went in today & they said they couldn't order any Bleeker. She also refused the discount to a customer who didn't have a card.. I heard them tell her it was a private sale & that you had to have been invited.

    I bought the Hamptons Tattersall Carryall but I think I may exchange it for the Bleeker Duffle in Ink when it comes out. It really is so much better looking IRL than on the website but I don't think it's quite me.
  6. I wanted to order a Bleecker flap, but my SA couldn't give me the 25% off. . . however, she said I could buy something comparable in price, get the discount, and then bring it in for an exchange without the receipt (wink wink) after Bleecker was released! Thanks SA!!!

    ^Tinks, your post showed up while I was typing - sorry it didn't work for you either, but go for the exchange!
  7. My SA implied the same thing... I didn't know you could exchange without a receipt though!
  8. ^She said obviously don't use it and make sure to leave the tag on. . . I have never exchanged or returned without a receipt either, but she was clear and said that it would be no problem! I have read others posts here about being able to do that, as long as the tag was on (merchandise credit, I think).
  9. I so liked that checkbook wallet. Is it the 40884 style number in the new catalog? I think it was $284. It is so pretty!
  10. Do you have any pics of the tattersall carryall? Is that the big tote?
  11. What is the Hamptons Tattersall Carryall. Is that the large Tattersall bag that is coming out in the new catalog ($398)? I thought that was considered a bleeker bag?
  12. I just got mine in the mail today. It's the Tattersall Travel Tote #11481. It is GORGEOUS but freakin HUGE!! I am only 5 foot flat so I just don't know if I'm going to be able to keep it...

    Here is the drilldown pic...
  13. No the one I got is this...

    They don't call it Tattersall on the website but it's definately the same pattern. The official name is HAMPTONS SUEDE PLAID CARRYALL.BTW it looks so much nicer IRL.
  14. I love that bag! I am terrified of suede, though. Congrats on your purchase!!
  15. I returned the Lily that I bought this PCE and ordered the Medium leather bleeker in ink, checkbook wallet in ink, the tattersal ponytail scarf, medium signature bleeker, the signature tote in brown/bronze. The SA which is one of the managers gave me my PCE discount on all of my purchase. So needless to say I am very excited and I didn't even ask for it. She just did it. I am not sure why, maybe because of the Lily but I will take in nonetheless.:tup: