Has anyone baught UGGS from uggfans.com?

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  1. I recently baught UGGS off a website called UGGfans.com and I was wondering if anyone else ever baught them through this website. I have been reading a lot about fake UGGS being sold online and I am really hoping that these arent fakes. Apparently the term UGG can be used by any company and the term UGG Australia is the only copyrighted term. The authentic UGGS are sold by a manufacture called Deckers. So has anyone baught UGGS from this website?
  2. i have emailed ugg about this site to ask if they're licensed sellers after seeing your post on the ebay forum, i was concerned that they seemed to have so many pairs in stock, as far as i knew, legit stockists are only supplied with limited pairs.
    we'll see what i get back
  3. So Im curious as to what they are selling then. Would they still be selling authentic UGGS? It says UGG Australia. Im really confused.
  4. they would be selling fakes, take a look back at the ebay thread, someone confirmed my worries.
  5. yeah i have that thread too. I havent even recieved them yet. I payed through paypal so hopefully I will be able to get my money back. Im gonna order them off fleecefoorwear.com they are lagit.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.