Has anyone attempted to embellish the legacy duffle?

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  1. I love the look of the tourmaline that was featured online and would love advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. I would never do anything permanent on my duffle. I use fobs to decorate.
  3. I think that is what the tassel is for. I guess you could swap it for a pretty scarf or a fob/charm, but I think it might look fussy if they were on there with the tassel.
  4. I know what you mean. I like what some of those bloggers did to their bags, but I would be afraid to try. I like the one with the jewels.
  5. I lovehow the bloggersdid theirs, but unless coach gives me a duffle to play with I'm not altering mines, I work very hard to earn my money and can't throw it like that!
  6. ^^this
  7. Wait, they are bedazzling new bags? Maybe if there was a massive stain or something on an old one, but a brand new bag? Wow.
  8. There was a slide show on Coach.com showing them. I don't think it is there any more.
  9. Me too. I like my Duffle just the way it is or I would not have spent my hard-earned money on it.
  10. Love the classic, understated design of the Legacy Leather Duffle as is and would not want to do anything to alter or mar the beautiful leather finish.

    For someone wanting to add a little creativity to the look though, Fobs might be a good choice for decor.
  11. I'd be too scared to try, and too afraid I'd mess up my lovely bag. But if someone else does try, I'd love to see the results.
  12. I think your avi (the embellished duffle) is the cutest thing. It looks kind of simple to do to. I think it would make your duffle unique and I like it better than keyfobs