Has anyone "Appleguard" the LV Ouvea Keepall??

  1. Has anyone Apple Guard the LV Ouvea Keepall or Carry-all?

    I would like to spray my Keepall since the material is canvas. I was told by the LV SA it has been sprayed repellant so I would'nt worry about it. Since, most of my LV are special edition ones...I thought I'd spray on the Ouvea material, cuz I think its more apt to get stains compared to my Cerises, Multi Color Black and Regular mono.

    What do you think? If anyone of you have an Ouvea and HAVE sprayed it, please let me know the outcome.

  2. i've got the Ouvea Carryall and i didn't/wouldn't apply anything on the fabric. im pretty sure every uncoated fabric material LV uses have been pre-treated with Scotchguard or some sort of water repellant. it think this is always mentioned in the tiny care booklet it came with most special ed. bags.
  3. Greetings from sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

    Thanks for the info Deluxeduck. Im going to read that small booklet that was included in it.

    How did you like your carryall Ouvea??? I LOVE MINE. It's a great limited collection. I wish, they would make the light brown ones, like the ones features in the Spring/Summer06 spring ready to wear fashion shoe, specially that tote one which didnt make it to the store floor.

    Thanks for your input.
  4. hello from freezing Australia ;)

    i LOVE my Carryall! i think Ouvea canvas is absolutely amazing. i wish they would continue using this chain pattern. a black background with silver-grey chains would be a dream come true for me.