Has anyone actually spoken with an eBay service rep?

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  1. about a problem, or is all communication strickly via email? :confused1: And if so, do you have the number? Thanks!
  2. I have and it did help matters. The phone number used to be on the site someplace. Have you tried going through the live help to get the number?

    Sorry I looked for the number and couldn't find it this morning.
  3. 1-866-442-3229
    6am-6pm pt

    Hope this helps...
  4. Thanks girls! A friend of mine, a power selle on there, is having problems and is ready to scream. I'll pass this on to her!
  5. they have a live help messenger thing. you talk to the rep as you talk to someone on msn. and if there is important issues, they will call you back. i used this live help when my account was hacked.
  6. I found ebays CS people to be extremely helpful the few times I've called. Its the idiots at paypal who have their head up their ass. oh wait, let me rephrase that, its every CS person at paypal who I personally have spoken to who have had their heads up their ass. there thats better. I certainly dont want to IMPLY that ALL of PayPals employees are idiots, just the ones I have dealt with.
  7. I've used live help and they were really good.
  8. About one year ago I sucessfully talked to an ebay Rep after my Acct was hacked but last time I tried (I sepnt hours going through menus) and I could never get a live person. I also have seen through the years the numbers for ebay reps change. This number I called a year ago is different from this new number. Clever way to set us on wild goose chases.