Has anyone actually seen the new Dark Olive/Brown

  1. Wondering if anyone's seen this color in person and where?
  2. i saw a brown first today at BalNY. sorry no new dark olive green.
  3. Is that the truffle color? If so, it's very pretty.
  4. the dark olive brown has not come out yet its due this september ive been waiting for that too z&j , thats the reason why i did not buy the truffle i want to see the dark olive brown
  5. Just an fyi, according to photos and bal nyc the dark olive has no green.
  6. lol i didnt know if there was actually a color like that. i guess i just added in the green b/c i figured olive is a green tone.
  7. I might have posted this before, but Joseph sent me this from BALNY. It is the work in the olive brown color. I haven't seen it IRL, so I don't know how accurate it is, I am waiting to see it too. But maybe for now it will give is a little idea of what it is going to be like. He thought it was somewhat vintage-y looking, which personally I really like.
    Olive Brown work (Small).jpg
  8. Theresa already has the love-brown and it's a beautiful rich chocolate brown.
  9. Oh Tanja! Does Theresa have it in the Day?