Has anyone actually purchased a bag from bagborroworsteal's outlet?

  1. Can you share your experience - was it authentic (which I assume yes, unless someone did a switch when they returned the bag they were borrowing)? Was it in good condition?

  2. From what I hear it is a big waste of money. If you do a thread search you will find a ton that have to do with that site. I hear that the bags are just really used and they don't really take care of them.

    do a search and you will find tons!

    good luck!

  3. I did do a search, and it was mainly about borrowing the bags (and I agree that's a waste), but I was wondering about purchasing them - because they have an outlet where you can purchase bags (some brand new) at big discounts...
  4. hmmm...I am not sure about that, hopefully someone will be able to help you out more!

    Good Luck!
  5. I have had one good and one not so good experience. The first bag that I got was in almost new condition. Then a few days ago I got another bag and it had like junk all over the front of it. Like they didn't even look at it before shoving it into the box. But I know a few other people that had a good experience. They have a few Gustto Baca in black right now for $350, which is a great price. You can always return it if it's not "up to snuff".
  6. I bought two Coach bags from their last sale. One was a 2006 Hamptons Patchwork Small Tote for $40. One was a Signature Soft Duffle for $50. They give the bags a number rating (ie- 9/10 is like new) and they offer several pictures of each bag on the site with a description of any damage or flaws the bag may have.

    They were totally legit. Sent several emails, shipped very quickly. The bags arrived with Coach dustbags, authenticity and care cards, packaged in gift bags with tissue and a thank you card from the owner. Both bags were 100% authentic.

    I was upset with the Hamptons tote, because it was supposed to be in excellent condition and it was VERY dirty (like repulsively filthy). I emailed the owners, said I wanted to return it, and they ok'd the return, no questions asked. The Signature Duffle was supposed to be just "good" condition (7/10), but it was like brand new. I love the bag and I think it was a really good deal.

    If I saw something that caught my eye and the price was right, I would feel confident ordering from them again!
  7. They never seem to mention the bag's condition, and I think the pics are not pics of the actual used bags, so I would not buy. Also, some of their prices are very high for used bags; if you do your homework with sales and coupon codes, you can get a brand new one for a bit more, or even less in some instances, than their prices.
  8. I don't like to borrow anyone else's bags, much less buy used bags! It just seems like sooooo many people could have used it, that there's no way I'd spend money on one! I'm very picky when it comes to purses!
  9. I'm wondering the same thing, because they have some bags by less popular designers that - even for rental - are quite cheap. I can't seem to track down the bag IRL so I was thinking of getting them to make make me an offer.

    As it's not a hugley popular brand, I'm hoping that they bag might not be in bad condition. (I'd prolly ask for pics anyway)
  10. Does anyone know if the markdown on the bags in the BBOS outlet store is firm, or will the % discount increase the longer the bag is in the outlet?

    Thanks!! :smile:
  11. I got lucky with my be&d... It was 50%... couple of days later, it went down to 70% and I just had to have it. Of course you might want to check with their live help if they have quite a few of the bag that you want. Otherwise if it is popular, they might be gone before you know if if the price is good.
  12. I think it is a game of chicken on whether something will get marked down again, and depends on how much you want to wait for something to be cheaper or risk losing it.

    I just made my first purchase from them, a never-carried Lockheart that was 60 percent off the retail price. It came nicely boxed with the original tags and dustbag so I am a happy camper.
  13. Has anyone purchased a handbag from the Bag Borrow or Steal outlet? What type of condition was it in? They sometimes have some really good deals, but I worry that it will be in bad condition even though it says "gently used". I appreciate any feedback!!
  14. I did.

    I purchased my Marc Jacobs Chestnut Hudson from them. It arrived in perfect condition, came packaged well, and was shipped quickly. I had a good experience and would recommend them.
  15. I just received an Isabella Fiore bag from these folks. It is in perfect condition. I even think that it was brand new. It still had the protective plastic on the Isabella Fiore nameplate and on the feet.