has anybody???

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  1. Has anybody heard of the company myflat ******* they make bags!!

    just wondering!!!:yes:
  2. ive heard of them, i dont buy from them though. :smile:
  3. I've heard of them and seen some of the bags but what I've seen isn't really my style
  4. I agree...a little too quirky for my style.
  5. No, and I really hope you are not one of those people who just joined to promote something
  6. It's a fairly well known line, so I doubt she is just promoting it. They carry them at Nordstroms. Quirky and cute.
  7. no actually i have seen there bags and i havent really heard much the company i just wanted to know more about them,for your infomation:rolleyes:
  8. i find it hard to find there bags i have to check Nordstrom!thanks :yes:
  9. good luck!
  10. They're adorable. My Nordstrom's started carrying them a couple years ago. My favorites were the Scottie Dog, Frog and the Bee.
  11. my friend bought a bag from Costco!
  12. Yeah, I think they're kind of cute. They're kind of like decorated Kate Spades.
    Costco always has them.
  13. agreed
  14. i got censored lol:blah: well anyways does anyone know if
    my flat in london has new bags for the fall?
    i havent seen anything new:sad:
  15. I have no idea.
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