Has anybody used panda cles/pouchette extender

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  1. as a pouchette extender? How do you like it?

    Are they the same length? :rolleyes: Thank you!!!
  2. I use my panda as pochette extender, I think it's the same length..
    I have the pics somewhere..here we go:
  3. Thank you:heart:

    That is so cute and you even have a picture:yahoo: . Now it is time to hunt one down. The regular one is $180. and the panda one is $150. So that is a no brainer to choose panda over the regular if it works.

    Thank you so much again.:P
  4. Hi I've used mine as both a bag charm and an extender...it got lots of compliments and is just so cute, but alas credit card bills didn't allow me to keep it and I sold it to a friend of mine sometime ago. Think they are the same length except the Panda one has the cute little panda hanging from a little hoop. See eBay item #6870804969.
  5. I use it for extender and bag charm too. My friend wants to sell her panda. I might buy it from her so I will have twin panda..
  6. I just use mine as a charm on larger bags. I've tried using it as an extender and it kept flapping against my arm, which was pretty annoying (I always carry the extender part facing forward, not backward, that's why).
  7. OMG I love your vernis bags! And your charms bag is soooo cute!:love:
  8. I use mine on my bags, to add a Murakami touch!

  9. Thanks everyone for the idea. I just bought the panda key chain because it was too cute and never thought of using it as an extender!
  10. I use mine as a charm rather than an extender.

  11. thanks Miroir..