Has anybody used a Speedy with shoulderstrap?

  1. I mean, in theory one could. I am considering buying a strap, but anxious it might look odd...
  2. oh thanks.
  3. I followed that link regarding the shoulder strap and Ive gotta admit it looks kinda weird....
  4. There are times it would be handy, but to me it goes against the design of the speedy. Which is why I ordered a cabas piano for my shoulder. Although I just exchanged it for a batignolles horizontal. But I had to have a LV shoulder bag for those times when a handbag is impractical.
  5. Too bulky for my taste. I would prefer to carry it handheld if I had one.
  6. Looks weird to me. I was thinking about a strap for my Ellipse PM but hubby talked me out of it. I think the strap detracts from the bag itself.
  7. Jasanna - OT but your avatar is great. I love that skit on SNL!!!!
  8. I always use one of my 2 LV straps with my speedys. Lately I've been using the monogram strap on my green speedy perforated. I like knowing I can throw it over my shoulder if I need to be hands free.....I think it looks fine.
  9. Can somebody post a pic of what it looks like with a shoulder strap on, please? I saw people use a shoulder strap with their Almas but not Speedy. I am curious now.:smile:
  10. I bought the damn shoulder strap for $350Ca.!!!! I need it for the airport, hands free and it looks fine!!! I do have my MC and shoulder strap here with me so LV addict, I will take a pic tommorrow or something...you guys might like it, I do!:lol:
  11. I think it completely defeats the purpose of the speedy: a cute, rounded handheld bag. Vuitton makes soooo many great shoulder bags for that purpose (Vavin, cabas, reporter, solougne, etc.)
  12. IMO I dont like it at all with the strap. It doesnt look classy, if you want a shoulder bag you should try the batignolles horizontal.:biggrin:
  13. I think I look pretty darn classy when I use my speedy strap...in fact I have women tell me how smart it is to have the strap option available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!