Has anybody tried www.lovinmybags.com?

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  1. I have a small oil-like stain on my MJ bag :crybaby:and it really bothers me (even though you can barely see it). I wanna get it removed and I was wondering if anybody gotten their bag restored or cleaned by www.lovinmybags.com before?

    Or if any of you guys have any other suggestions? I've tried that corn starch method and it didn't work.
  2. c8, I have a Gustto Baca in at Lovin My Bags right now. I will probably get it back sometime next week. I have not seen the result yet but think Barbara handles customer services beautifully.

    She emails you about your bag, what is wrong, how she will fix it, very thorough.

    I caution you against trying to clean and reclean your bag yourself. I tried to get a stain out of my bag and really ruined the Ph of the leather and made the stain much, much worse because I cleaned it repeatedly, thinking it would help. I made Barbara's job harder.
  3. Barbara took Coffee stains out of my Botkier and refinished it. Bag looked terrific. Like Lindy said, she gives great service. I'd write her or call her and discuss your problem and she'll tell you what she can do. I dumped a whole cup of coffee down my bag and then tried to clean it myself, further ruining the bag and the results were amazing. LMB Rocks!
  4. I sent Barbara my Mulberry Roxanne last Thursday - I'll let you know how it goes - no special problem, I just used too much cleaner, conditioner, protecter on it and the color of the leather is uneven. Hoping she can make it look better.
  5. Thank you so much for this link! I get so upset if anything happens to my bags. I didn't know that such a service or products were available:tup:
  6. Just to reinforce something, do NOT use too much conditioner and protector and cleaner on a bag. I was of the thought ...the more the better.....and I found that is NOT true.

    Apparently you can get a built up of product that reeks havoc with the Ph. Use those products very sparingly and if in doubt, send it to a professional.
  7. This info is really nice to know. As much as I try and take excellent care of my bags, I realize that it's not always possible. THANKS!

  8. Thanks everybody for replying with your experiences and suggestions! For those of you who are waiting to get their bags back, please let me know how it goes! I'm seriously thinking about sending my bag to them to get it cleaned.

    Btw, do you pay for them to ship it back to you? Or is it included in the fees already??
  9. You pay shipping to and from, unless they have changed that since last year. It can be a little pricey since I of course add insurance to both mailings. They add the shipping cost to your final invoice.
  10. How much does it cost to get a bag cleaned of stains at Lovinmybags.com?? Thanks!
  11. Thank you for this thread..Now I know where to take my bags if god forbid I get a stain on them..Does anyone know what she charges for her services..I'm sure it depends on the bag and severity of the stain..but I just want to know if it's cheaper than taking it to get cleaned/fixed at the boutique
  12. I oerdered the balenciaga kit from them but have been afraid to use it. Maybe I will try it out on one of my ancient bags.
  13. I havent actually sent any bags to her yet, but I do plan on it in the future. I've used her Balenciaga cleanser and I love it! I'm not sure how she is with every brand, but almost everyone whose sent her Balenciaga bags, swears by her!
  14. Hi, is anyone send the Chanel lambskin to them for clean and color re-done?
    I have a Chanel lambskin in light color and I did the clean & conditioning to my bag then turn dark and uneven color tone.......thank you.