Has anybody tried Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Creme?

  1. I have really dry skin on my chin and wanted a thick moisturizer, but from what I'm reading this stuff clogs pores. And that's the LAST thing I need on my chin. I'm tempted to return it right when I get it and not even bother to try it out. I don't want to chance breaking out.

    Has anybody used this stuff?
  2. I've used it before. Although I love just about every single Burt's Bees products, I did not enjoy the marshmallow creme. I found that it didn't absorb into my skin. It stayed on the surface creating a disgusting waxy film. It took forever to get it to wash off.
  3. Thanks, Redorfe. I think I'm just going to send it back once I get it. At least I'll have another 15 bucks in my pocket!

    .....and no pimply skin!
  4. You're welcome. Good luck finding a moisturizer.