Has ANYBODY spotted the Marc By Marc Jacobs Turnlock Faridah Hobo in Mouse Grey?

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  1. I'm dying to own it! Has anyone seen one at Bloomies? I see two on EBAY, but I'd rather get a new one. Thanks so much!
  2. i just saw one at the nordstroms in garden city, ny :smile:
  3. Thank you. I tried calling today, but someone bought the last one. I'll find one somewhere!:yes:
  4. I bought mine at zappos.com but that was a few months ago. I adore it! Good luck and please keep us posted.

    Can't Nordstorm locate one for you? I was at the one at the Short Hills Mall in NJ yesterday. I saw a lot of Mouse Grey bags but I didn't look closely to see if they had any Faridah's there.
  5. Yes it worked out!!! :tup: I called Bloomingdales in NJ and they had one left, but the SA said it had a huge scratch. She gave me the number to a Bloomingdales in CA, and they had one last one left. Guess there was only about 2 or 3 left in all the Bloomingdales in the US. I called just in the knick of time, whew. I'll post pics when I get her!

  6. Great news!! Congrats! :yahoo: