Has anybody sold on Malleries ?

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  1. So, I got suspended from eBay (rather long, upsetting story) and now am looking for a place to sell with good traffic and low number of scammers. Malleries looks really good, but I am not very sure. I am just wondering if anyone here has sold over there and how successful its been.
  2. It's new to me, just looked it up. It looks very nice and they have got lovely things buuuuut it is expensive to get onto IMHO. $75 a month, another $65 annually... too steep for me.
  3. To make it worth your while to sell on Malleries, you will want to be sure to have a pretty steady availability of bags. They charge a small annual fee, a flat fee per month, plus a small commission when items sell. You have to have a minimum of 10 items in order to get the shop opened once you are approved.

    Keep in mind that all vendors who sell thru Malleries are pre-screened and held to very high standards. All items offered must be authentic, be accurately represented and in exceptional condition. They have a rigid zero tolerance policy for counterfeits. Additionally all are professional business people who are experienced in all aspects of customer service.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me and I would be happy to share my experiences with them. So far, we have been very happy with the site and the administrators are very responsive and wonderful to work with.
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    With all respect to Chanel Touch, I have a different story to tell about Malleries.

    I was on Malleries for over six months and don't have good things to say about it at all.

    Let me preface this by saying that the shop owners are great and are all individual business people with their own "shops". The person who "runs/owns" Malleries itself is another story altogether. She runs the site a bit "Gestapo" like.

    The owner of Malleries started charging commissions (which she didn't in the past). Some people paid commissions, other people didn't. The most recent drama on Malleries is that shop owners can no longer even have their own phone numbers in their listings! You should be aware that every email sent between a customer and shop owner is "monitored" by the owner of Malleries. It's more than a little "Big Brother" to me and it probably violates dozens of privacy rules.

    Also, on Malleries, if you are a customer and you find an item you like, you can use the "Send to a Friend" button and share your find with your friends. If you are a customer, and you've used that "Send to a Friend" link before, be aware that both the Shop Owners and the owner of Malleries get copied on that email, further violating your privacy as a customer. Anything you write in those emails are viewable to the shop owners and the owner of Malleries. Not a very cool thing to do at all.

    Since the first of the year, several of the shop owners have left Malleries due to these "unbusinesslike" practices. There really should be some sort of "disclaimer" on the Malleries website that absolutely nothing is private and the "rules are subject to change".

    I must reiterate again, the individual shop owners have NOTHING to do with this and have no control over these policies. All of these problems stem from the owner of Malleries.

    Just keep in mind that "nothing" is private on Malleries.

    If you're looking to sell your items, Auctiva is opening up a Marketplace as of January 20th and GoDaddy.com has just opened their own Marketplace. Fees at GoDaddy are $4.99 per month, for unlimited items + 10% commission. You can also get your own shopping cart at GoDaddy for anywhere from $29 - $49 per month. That way you have control over everything that affects your products and your sales.

    At Malleries you are charged $75 per month, then if you want to "feature" items, it costs another $2 per listing. If you want to feature on the front page it costs $40 per item. Then there is a signup fee, then there is a 3% commission on all sales. Plus, the rules for selling on Malleries seem to change on a weekly basis. There is no contract in place to protect you and you are never provided with itemized invoices for your seller fees, which should be included without even asking for it. They just take the money out of your bank account with no accounting for it.

    The owner of Malleries also has her own "store" on Malleries, so you are competing against her with your listings as well! You pay her to list your items on Malleries and pay her/Malleries for your storefront, yet she has items for sale that are competing with yours!

    My advice? Find another selling venue where you can control your product and control how your customers can get in touch with you. The amount of "control" happening at Malleries shouldn't be happening on a professional level.

    Of course, everyone will have their own story. This one is mine. Anyone is free to PM me as well.

    FWIW - I sold quite a few items for the months I was on Malleries but to me the cost of doing business there and all of the "issues" didn't make up for the sales.
  5. ^ Well, it's true there have been some growing pains in the past month or so. The Luxury side of the site has grown and blossomed and they sub-divided the site into 2 sections - luxury goods and antiques. The transition has been alittle bumpy, but any concerns that I have brought to the administrator concerning my shop, have been addressed immediately. We've just gone with the flow and brought it to the administrator's attention when we have noticed anything that has needed to be addressed. She's been very responsive and open-minded with any concerns.

    On the whole, I have to say that I am pleased. It's a damn-sight better than selling on ebay....now there's gestapo for you!! lol! I really really like being associated with a small site where you have access to real people who are running the show and get that kind of attention. Ebay used to be like that back in the day when we started in 1998, but no more.

    My costs so far have been about on par with the cost of selling on ebay.

    As for the owner selling on the site. Yes, she started the site initially as her own selling venue....for her antiques. From what I understand, she continues to maintain an antique shop on the site. Nothing wrong with that. It was her site to begin with before she invited other sellers to join in and make the site a great shopping destination for antiques and authentic luxury goods. She simply does not compete with the luxury goods sellers. If she did, it wouldn't worry me, the more the site has to offer, the better as far as I'm concerned. The more top notch sellers the site has, it will bode well for both buyers and sellers on Malleries. The more great items the site offers, the better shopping experience for the buyer.

    Yes, I'd perhaps do things differently, but I'm not the owner. I can only make suggestions and share my experiences and hope that we can work together for the greater good of buyers, sellers and the site owner too. At least somebody's willing to listen to me. Can't say that for ebay. All I know is that they are trying their best to make the site a great destination for buyers and work hard to serve their shop owners well. They're only human and the site is growing and flourishing, so I'm sure they are learning too as they go along.
  6. "Live in Luxury" is her shop. She sells Luxury items so therefore, she is a competitive shop!

    She has a storefront and she also has her items showing in "featured" listings. Is it wrong? Depends who you are asking! I think if you are the Mall "owner" and you are charging "additional" fees for "featured" listings, your items shouldn't be featured as well! It's just not "kosher"!

    Again, just my 2 cents!
  7. Wow what an interesting thread! I never heard of that site before but i will take a look! I need to find other sites or forums to sell all my stuff because i've had it with eBay! Is there a list somewhere on here with other sites for selling? Does malleries only sell bags?
  8. Alot of sellers have been turning to Bonanzle (I think that's how you spell it) as an alternative to ebay.
    The vendors on Malleries sell antiques and luxury goods (i.e. handbags, clothing, shoes, and other accessories)
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    Try Portero, Luxury Exchange, Fashionphile...
    Imagechic is good too.
  10. ^ The above sites are consignment sites though I believe, and they will take a huge chunk of the selling price in commissions. On the plus side though, you don't have to do much more than send them your stuff.
  11. Imagechic is not consigment
  12. ohhh thanks i will! I have so much stuff to sell. Last month i paid well over $60 in ebay fees, plus paypal & currency fees, plus it just seemed like i had paid $30 in ebay fees already. They are sucking the money right out of us! The worst part was i had 3 non-paying bidders.
  13. Auctiva (who has offered free eBay listings for years) is opening their own "storefront" tomorrow or at least that's the date that I last heard. Really inexpensive listing fees. GoDaddy.com also has a Marketplace where you can open a shop for as little as $4.99 per month. Check them out at shops.godaddy.com. Both are less expensive alternatives to ebay. Good luck!
  14. anyone know it safe sell your item to Malleries? Since they ask you to delivery your item to them first then they offer you the price for it. Has anyone sell item to them before?
  15. Don't exactly have experience with Malleries first hand but I do with one of the consignment stores they get some of their items from. It's a place calls The Fashion Bin in Laguna Beach in Southern California.

    The Fashion Bin takes 30% commission, they give you two prices for each item, high & low. The highest mount is always what's on their website but when your stuff gets sold, they don't tell you which price the item ended with. You get a check with no explanation. For all you know, they could've sold your stuff at the higher price but you ended up getting the low price minus commission. That's how it seemed with my first check.

    Now onto my real concern. I check their website to see if my items had been sold. So after months of being oblivious about The Fashion Bin, I happened to check again in June. Lo & behold, a couple of "bigger" items had been sold. But where is my check? I called, they say then send out checks on the 1st & 15th. Ok. But she they didn't say "we just sold them not long ago." So they could've sold my stuff many 1st & 15th ago. Anyway, it's now August. Many more 1st & 15th of the months have passed and I still haven't gotten a check.

    I knew there was something shady about the Fashion Bin when I had to do the same thing with my 1st check, I had to chase it myself. If you don't, they'll never voluntarily send it to you, which is unethical in my opinion. I also asked to be give back my stuff instead but they never replied to my requests.

    I don't know if that's how all Malleries "suppliers" operate but I'd be wary of them.