Has anybody shoped in Etsy.com before?Where to buy a embroidered bag?

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  1. Hi,
    I find some fantastic embroidered bags in a Etsy Chinese shop. I want to order some from them.Has anybody shoped in Etsy.com before? How is the Etsy handmade item?And do you know any else place I may find the embroidered bags?

    here is the shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/miyabags
    Thank you!

  2. There's an Indian company called Jasper & Jeera that sells the most fantastic embroidered bags. Anthropologie carries them on their web site. They often pop up on ebay if you search for "jasper jeera" or "anthropologie." I have a couple and they're very high quality, embroidery is well-done and they're trimmed in leather. They generally retail for a little over $100. Mine I got on sale for about $50. I've heard that the best embroidered bags and garments come from India.
  3. Thank you!love2shop_26,I don't even know how to do a search here.

    The Anthropologie embroidered leather Bag is really fantastic!!! Thanks for your recommendation.I'll order both of them and show them later.
    The Etsy seller's products are really attractive too.
  4. i LOVE handmade stuff!!!