Has anybody seen this?

  1. When I bought my damier speedy the manager had his incoming pieces catalog on the counter and it had a bag to die for. All I saw was dark brown croc?? (not sure) and leopard spots and lots of hardware. I asked what it was and he said it was part of the fall line. Then he took his book away :Push: Anyone seen anything??
  2. I saw the entire look book..it was amazing..there are several pieces with leopard patches on the corners of the bags..I think one was called leopold?it was done tastefully ....not too much leopard so it actually looked nnice.I put my name down for like 6 fall bags........ARGH!!!!!!
  3. WOW!!! It WAS really nice!! And your broke!!!! LOL! I thought I got carried away :roflmfao:
  4. I've seen the look-book too and there are gonna be quite a few cute bags for Fall! I too, put my name down for like 5 different bags. I wanna be sure I don't miss out on one of them - lol!
  5. Go on vuitton. com and go to the French page and watch the fall runway show, DROOOOOLLLL!!!
  6. Do you have a link.. I cant read it and i clicked around but couldnt find it :sad:

    never mind.. got it :smile:
  7. Love the leopard. :biggrin: Are there going to be new Epi colors?
  8. Every one else got a look at the look book but me! I only got a glance :blink: but boy!! Those were some kinda bags I gotta look at!
  9. I spent over an hour looking at that book..it was very sad..The corporate VIPS form Lv were visiting the store too while I was there..so I got great info and service.
    My personal fave bag is a black leather one for fall that reminds me of the Mizi Vienna...(?) I think thats the name.....
  10. I have actually seen it in person, believe it or not!!! It is truly fab!! Make sure you put your deposit in soon!!
  11. Awwww! I can imagine how you felt! I just want to move into the store who needs a closet! ;)
  12. What'd ya see?? Huh, huh???:shocked: