Has anybody seen this silk scarf? (in Toronto, at Frankfurt airport or in Stockholm?)

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  1. I have found a fantastic silk scarf (Ref. 002404S08) that I would like to buy but I only find the colour that I would like to buy on the American website- not on the European ones. Does anybody know if certain colours only are sold in certain countries or is it just sold out?
    I will call the Hermès "shop" in Stockholm (I am Swedish) tomorrow, but they have a very limited assortment. I will go to Toronto in March (we will go via Frankfurt airport where there should be a Hermès shop)- has anybody seen it either at this airport or in Toronto? Does anybody know if it is possible to order if it is sold out in Stockholm/Frankfurt airport/Toronto?
  2. kashmira, I am in Toronto .... do you have a name or description for the scarf? And which colour were you looking for?
  3. Please give us more details about this scarf so people can help.
  4. That reference number is for Carre Kantha, but I don't know what colorway the OP is looking for.

    Oh and kashmira, some colors are more popular in certain countries, but they should all be available. Perhaps your local boutique can order it for you.

  5. There is no name on it on the Hermès website what I can see, but "Mai Tai on this forum referred to it as her 'Kantha en rose' in the thread "Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?" so "Carre Kantha" is for sure the name and I am looking for it in pink.

    I feel a bit ashamed but where can you find the name of the scarf? As far as I can see there is only a reference number on the Hermès webpage.:shame:
  6. I think the name is at the bottom of the scarf. I knew the name because I've seen this one in a Hermes boutique.
  7. Don't be ashamed....the name of the scarf will not show on the website. Sometimes you will find the name of the scarf directly on the scarf (at the bottom, ..).
    BUT: if you have internet explorer, you can look up the name of the scarf. I try to explain it to you (but as my IE is in german, I probabely won't have the exact terms..): go to "page" then you click on the third item from below (in german it's called "Quelltext anzeigen") there sould be a new window now. you can search this file for "long description" and then you should be able to see the name of your scarf. hope this helps:smile:
  8. Kashmira, this is the one!!! Kantha is the name of the scarf design. The Colorway in french is called 'rose' whereas in english it would probably translated as pink.
    You should be able to get it fairly easily, as it is part of the new SS2008 collection. I hope you'll find it soon - Good luck!!
  9. The stock in each store is selected by the manager, so, it may be at 1 store, but not the other in the same city, for ex

  10. The Hermès "shop" at NK in Stockholm did not have this scarf at all:sad:.
  11. ^^ Hi kasmira, this is slightly OT, but what items does Stockholm have in general? Have you ever seen bags there, like Picotins? Or is it just the small stuff? TIA.
  12. I believe that they just have small things. If you are looking for something special I suggest that you give them a call. The Hermès shop in Copenhagen, Denmark has a bigger assortment.

    But I am HAPPY again!!!!! I just called the Hermès shop at Frankfurt airport and they had the scarf I want to have and they reserved it for me until I go there on the 19th of March. That´s what I call great service!

    I am also interested in this scarf: "La Danse du Cheval Marwari" in the same colour as on the photo. Does anyone know if they have this in shop in Toronto? How much are the silk scarves in Canada? In Frankfurt they are 265 EUR which is slightly cheaper than in Stockholm.

  13. I believe I have seen this scarf in Toronto but it was a few weeks ago. But at the time, they seemed well stocked with the new SS scarves in different colourways. Our scarves are way more expensive than in the US - $400 plus 13% tax. Our dollar is now hovering about a penny less than the US, so they're nearly equal in value.
  14. Great news about the Kantha!
    'La Danse du Cheval Marvari' is seems to be available through the european Hermes.com sites:
    http://france.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10201&catalogId=10051&langId=-2&productId=36117&categoryId=56958&leftCategoryId=11107&topCategoryId=11102&parentCategoryId=11107&nbItem=0 The price is 265 Euros. Good luck!
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