Has anybody seen this new ad from Bloomingdale's in Vanity Fair!!

  1. :heart:
  2. Does anyone which line it's from?
  3. I saw this at the cruise show in coral, black, and white. I *think* it's called the hidden name ligne or something to that effect because the chanel logo on the bottom of the flap. I could be wrong though. :smile:
  4. i like the color... it's fab but... there's something about this bag i'm confused about...
  5. It's cute...wonder when it's coming out?
  6. It's from the Icon ligne! Cute!!
  7. It's Icons bag. The price in the Cruise Book is $3,295.
  8. Where does it open, the usual way or what's that latch on the bottom -- something to get scratched easily. And is that a pen or what above the CC on the front? Am not sure I like the chrome looking (ala silver) outline either of the CC. But it's red and that I like. (Need I say the price is ghastly?)
  9. i saw the bag at trunk show--the new clasp is kinda cool like a belt buckle. but the price...
  10. it opens as usual. the tag at the bottom is sorta like a ribbon and i didn't really like it IRL.
  11. oooh, I like that! I'm not sure I'd buy it, but it's very edgy and different, I like!
  12. Hmm, I am not so sure about this bag... The new version of CC-lock looks cool, but otherwise this bag is rather dull. :shrugs:

    Edit: love the colour though!
  13. very cute bag, but ugly price.
  14. You've got that right!

    I think this is the bag my SA was telling me about, they had it at the Las Vegas trunk show and he was trying to describe it to me. I don't like that price at all. I won't be getting it.
  15. Cuuuute! The structure almost reminds me of a lunch box lol. I like it though.