has anybody seen this diorissimo?

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  1. Hi!
    I just found this picture and i´m wondering what material it is. Is it leather? Has anybody seen this already? And how much is it? It should be from Spring/Summer Season 2014 ..

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  2. Tomorrow i go with my husband to the Lake of Zurich an maybe we visit the "Bahnhofstrasse" to watch Dior's window ;))
    I hope i discover that bag!

  3. This is from Spring/Summer 2014, and its made of crocodile skin.
  4. its a white crocodile.. I was asking about the red one, and they told me its about $35,500
  5. :shocked::shocked::shocked: ok,thank you!
  6. You should get one! The metal handles really make the bag exceptional!

  7. I know! But i'm still thinking about it.. As much as its soo pretty, my heart is kinda leaning more toward another, although it isn't exotic but I'm really loving it, just waiting on it now, I placed an order and they said it might take about 10 days to get here.
  8. @missk8y
    I was in Zürich yesterday, but i didn't saw that bag at the window, i'm so sorry!


    IMO, i don't like the handles they look like a mirror... you spend a lot of time to clean them from "Fingertips" ;)
  9. no problem "sumsum", it´s out of my price range...
  10. Me too ;)