has anybody seen miroir items in stores?

  1. has anybody seen any miroir items in lv stores lately.
  2. 2nd hand stores here in hk have them.
  3. Nope..about a month ago I was offered a gold Papillon but other than that, I haven't seen any.
  4. wish i was in hk
  5. Didn't you say you were VIC? Being so, I figure your SA would have held a few pieces for you when they came out... :s
  6. I Was But I Changed Sales A. Cause She Did Not Put Me Down For The Miroir Line. So I Ended Up Buying A Speedy From Let Trade At Double. But I Want To Buy Another Peice Cause It Is Such A Collectors Peice. So Now I Really Don't Have A Sa.
  7. ^^^^ So your SA held the Tinkerbell for you, but yet didn't hold any Miroir items? Some SA! :s
  8. no just some random sa i meet got me the tinkerbell but i turned it down cause the price went up to 5000 or something like that
  9. Nope the Miroir bags are long gone, you can try to the get Lockit when it launches.