Has anybody seen any S/S 07 red flaps?? is t impossible to find one?

  1. hi everyone!
    since i couldnt find any luxury bowler for my mom from the previous thread i'm thinking of getting her a red flap i really like the 07 colour i dont mind about the sizes. if you have seen any please let me know!!
    thank you in advance!
  2. sorry to be the bringer of bad news but those are pretty much gone... they periodically come up on eBay... but that's about it...
  3. ^Yes, I would agree.

    Though, I was able to score a red Lambskin E/W from NM Boston in April. I was told it was sold out through the entire company, but, being the stubborn person that I am, I called a bunch of random locations on my own and voila, got my red!
  4. oh i want one with bijoux chain SOOOOOO BAD!!! if anyone spots one. let me know please, thanks in advance
  5. I thought I saw one at Holts but that was a while ago...
  6. Javaboo - thank you for letting me know! which Holt Renfrew did u spot one at? and how long ago was it? i need to give them a call i NEED it soo bad hehe