Has anybody seen a Dogon Key card case?

  1. I am looking for a Dogon Key Card Case. Has anybody seen one recently at your local H boutique? (It's basically a small Dogon wallet, with a key chain for your keys).

    Although they are available from time to time on reseller sites, they are really expensive (around $700).

    For that price, I would prefer to buy them directly at the H boutique, assuming that they are still available!

  2. I will keep my eyes open, TG, I am always hanging around the small leather goods.....
  3. Thanks, CobaltBlu! :yes:
  4. TG: I assume that you are looking for the mini Dogon wallet that has a chain attached to it? I was told that this design is no longer produced and has been replaced by another one. It'll be tough to get one from the store unless it is an old inventory. But you'll never know, it may pop up at the stores from time to time. Good luck!
  5. pursenality, yes, yes, that is the one! That makes sense that I haven't seen them in the stores. But I don't think I have seen its replacement either..
  6. ^^Ah, okay. I'll keep a look out for you. Actually, I've never seen the replacement either. Probably Hermes just stop making it and change it to a totally new design minus the chain.

    It is a pity because I find the chain is very useful. I have not seen the one with chain since I bought mine in year 2003.
  7. I did see some Minus the chain at H in Riverside Mall is NJ recently!!
  8. I got mine in Paris this summer. They had them in a huge range of colors. I haven't heard anything about them being discontinued. You can ask them if they have any; I'm sure they do.
  9. I was looking for one too, when I was flying through Tokyo Narita in late September I saw a few (at least 3) at the airport boutique (the larger one, I forget which terminal). With the exchange rate they were around $600 then.
  10. tokyo girl...
    I think my local H has those dogon key cases.
    Or I think I saw them before..
    PM me if you want the stores local!
  11. yorelica, debwonger, gina_b, princessofthehouse, thank you! I am hopeful that one will pop here then!

    debwonger, thanks for the info on Narita airport. I will need to check. Actually the new H boutique has one of the better airport selections.
  12. gina_b: Was the one you bought has the chain? I am looking for one in red color. Our stores here haven't received any for a few years.
  13. Tokyogirl, check your PM!!
  14. CB, I just did!!
  15. TG: I just came back from my Alaska store. They have the Dogon Key Case! gina_b is right. This item is not discontinued so please disregard my previous post.

    The store has a Vert Anis with PH, Brique with GH and another dark color with GH on display (didn't ask what color it is).

    PM me if you are interested in any of those.