Has anybody returned the Legacy leather shoulder tote or had regrets?

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  1. Hello:

    I got the Legacy black shoulder bag at 25% off last week. I really like the bag, but have some concerns about it. One is that the bag straps are a tad shorter than I expected (even with it set at the longest setting). Second, I noticed that there was a thread about the Legacy leather being very easily scratched up and looking worn. Have any of you returned this bag after purchasing it or regretted keeping it? Thanks.
  2. Hi Yogagirl, I just returned my whit shoulder bag yesterday. I really wanted to love it but as you mentioned the shoulder strap is just a bit short and I found the width of the strap was just too broad and chunky looking on me. The care card also said do not use coach leather cleaner or moisturizer on the bag and that worried me as it was a white bag.
  3. I haven't even used mine yet! I got it in whiskey. I did notice the store model looks more worn, mine looks great right now. I think the appeal is the weathererd look. In fact they sell sofas with "distressed" leather.
    I think it would show up less on the black as I didn't notice the black leather looking worn at all.
  4. I have the Legacy shoulder zip in black leather and I got it the first week the Legacy bags came out. I absolutely :heart:LOVE:heart: this bag and I think this is my favorite bag that I have ever owned. I have worn it most of the time since I got it and have absolutely no complaints about the leather. Of all of the colors I think black is probably the "safest" as it relates to scratching and wear. I think the leather looks as good today as when I first got it.

    Seeing you got it in black I don't think you need to worry about scratches. I think the whiskey, as beautiful as it is, shows scratches the most of the four colors (black, whiskey, rose and white).
  5. I got the legacy leather shoulder bag in whiskey last week and I :love: LOVE it. It does scratch, but someone mentioned in another thread that it helps if you lick your finger and rub out the scratches. I couldn't return it because I love it too much.

    But, if you are unhappy with the bag in any way, definitely return it and get something that you really love. Because if you aren't happy with it, then that will always bug you.
  6. I have this style in suede and I LOVE it! The "lick and fix" obviously doesn't apply, and I don't take this one out in the rain, but I adore the style! I find it's roomy without being bulky, and I really do like the looks of the pockets.
  7. I have several of the legacy leather bags in whiskey and black and love each one. What concerned me, was when I purchased the striped Katy tote. Figured I wouldn't really use it, but that thing is nice and big and the straps fit perfectly on the shoulder - I use it all the time! I can even put some of my legacy bags in the tote with my other stuff!
  8. I was thinking about buying the Katy tote also but I'm wondering how difficult it would be to keep clean. Have you had any problems with it? And if it does soil, how do you clean it? Thanks!
  9. I'm thinking about returning it....I should have followed my gut instinct. The white legacy floormodel was all filthy & scratched & thats just from being in customers hands & on the shelf mine was going to go to so many other places. I really tried to love it, as bf does, but I just can't. I think I'm going to the store today & since I really just love the interior, I'm just hoping to get a scarf. I'll wait to purchase a bag until the end of December when the new collections come out.
  10. The guy in the store told me the material is polyester, which is dirt and water resistant - I think like the umbrellas. If indeed that is the case, it should be easy to keep clean. Of course, it IS a tote and they tend to get abused, unlike purses, so while I try to be careful, if figure, "what the heck!" I did buy it to use and enjoy! It is REALLY nice.
  11. ^^please post pics when you get it! especially since after december i must shred my debit!