Has anybody received their Saks gift card from the 8/23 EGC event?

  1. I bought a chanel jumbo at the EGC pre-sale two days before the event and the SA told me that the gift card will be sent to me by mail. I still have not received the gift card yet, and would like to hear about other people's experience. TIA.
  2. I have not gotten mine too. I got my stuff in the mail on Wed but not the receipt and gift card which I was told would be sent separately. My stuff came from the Beverly Hills store and I am in NY. I figured I would have to wait for the mail to go across the country but not too happy about it. In the past, the Saks in Boca Raton, FL would send the gift card with the items.
  3. Thank you for the sharing.

    I am in Jersey City and I bought from the Manhattan Saks. I have received the receipt but not the gift card. How long does it usually take for them to mail the gift card.
  4. I just called my SA and he said that the gift card will be sent out from corporate office. Expect to wait two weeks for it.
  5. I bought online from saks.com and my gift card was with the receipt in my merchandise box
  6. I received the Saks gift card in the mail on 08/30.
  7. I purchased from Beverly Hills store and the Customer Service (from the store) said that the gift cards are being mailed out today.
  8. forgive me for sounding stupid, can anyone explain to me what is EGC and how does it work? TIA
  9. I purchased from San Antonio and it was in the box with my bag!
  10. I still have not received the gift card. What is going on? Waiting...
  11. not stupid at all! Saks has periodic events called "Spend Some, Get Some". If you purchase a certain amount, you get an electronic gift card good for future use in store or online. And it's done in tiers, see below:

    Here are the amounts from the August event.

    Saks EGC Event....

    If you spend............ you get

    $250-$499 ---------> $25
    $500-$999 ---------> $50
    $1,000-$1,999 -----> $125
    $2,000-$2,999 -----> $300
    $3,000 or more ----->$450