Has Anybody Purchased Anything From Exactbagz.com

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  1. I just made a purchase from EXACTBAGZ.COM
    Has anybody purchased from them before.
    I just bought a Large Yves Saint Laurent in White from them.
    Just making sure my order goes alright. Thanks:smile:
  2. These are counterfeit bags!
  3. Yes, i bought them as a 7 star replicas, it looks like a very good fake..
  4. We do not support the purchase of fakes here - they are ILLEGAL and GROSS! Plus, you've posted this question about 7 times in 7 different forums here. Duplicate posts are NOT ALLOWED.
  5. sorry, i just wanted to know if anybody already bought a bag from them, for me i really cant afford a real handbag, so i stick witht he 7 star bags, no one knows the diffrence anyway..
  6. and i did not post it 7 times only twice
  7. I count 3. And YES, we do know the difference.
  8. 4 times - and we do know the difference. Not interested in your fakes.
  9. OMG what the hell is wrong with you, just one simple question about a handbag i bought and your about kill me.. get a life:throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
  10. No one is trying to kill you. We're just trying to educate you about fakes. You'd be better off to buy a less expensive brand that is authentic. Plus, we've had a lot of trolls "asking" about a website when they're really trying to advertise.
  11. I'm done here.
  12. ok, i get it, am sorry for that, its just i really didnt know i was going to be attacked by all these "AUTHENTIC BAG FREAKS" i guess you only post things about real bags, oo well:rolleyes:
  13. That is correct--we are interested in authentic bags only.
  14. We should probably contact a mod to close this thread. I saw this thread in Hermes just 2 minutes ago.

    diadia1450, kellybag was really nice to you and welcomed you to the PF and informed you that we don't support websites like those.
  15. I counted a MINIMUM of 6 times you posted their link - THAT'S SPAM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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