Has anybody ordered an item from a boutique outside the US?

  1. I just ordered a miroir gold lockit from LV Puerto Rico. Woohooo!!! I was just wondering if I will be charged customs tax for the item? I know that Puerto Rico is a US territory so I don't think they should, right? Thanks guys!!!
  2. I never have before. did not know I was even able to do so. I would call the store and ask before they ship.
  3. I bought items in Puerto Rico on vacation and wasn't charged at customs bringing them back to the US .. but good idea to check with US Customs.
  4. No, you will not be charged any customs charges if the item is remaining in the US.
  5. I got my fuchsia perfo cles from perfo cles back in August last year! They were so sweet about it...charged me only $20 for shipping instead of the $40 they were supposed to.

    And no, I don't think you'll get charged anything besides your state tax? WOW a gold lockit, can't wait to see pics!