Has anybody modeling pics of the Pochette Montaigne Ivoire?

  1. This morning I ordered a Pochette Montaigne in Ivoire. I have never seen it in reality - so I'm a little bit nervous and I hope I'll like it!:rolleyes: I'll get it tomorrow. This is the first time I buy a bag before I have seen it at the store. Has anybody modeling pics and how is the pochette to handle? Thanks so much!
  2. ooo i wanna see pics too!
  3. Nowbody has a Pochette Montaigne in Ivoire? I'm waiting to see it!:wlae:
  4. I'm waiting here for pics - if I can't see them I have to wait to the postman....
  5. check search and I remember a black and white one. It is beautiful,Congrats!
  6. 'Thank you very much! I saw a lot of pics there and also a lot of postings about the Montaigne Pochette. Now I hope, that mine will be here tomorrow. I'm looking forward.
  7. i love this bag. i just don't think it's very "me".
  8. What an elegant bag you are getting. Congrats.
  9. Look in Visual Aids, search for a post by RACH.RACH