Has anybody mod pics of the TRIANA and KNIGHTSBRIDGE please!!

  1. At the end of this month whe will go to our holyday house in France. And I would buy a new bag there, how every year when I'm in France.
    I'll go for a very classy bag in Damier, I think at the Triana and the Knightsbridge, maybe a Duomo if it isn't too big for me.
    Does anybody have a Triana or Knightsbridge and could you show me modeling pics of this two bags, please!
    Thank you very much!
  2. The hapmstead is a great new bag in damier too, maybe you should look at that one as well!
  3. There is a Knightsbridge modeling pic in Visual Aids
  4. Thank you Karman!
  5. Thank you, I know the Hampstead, but I prefer a bag with a zip. The Hampstead is very nice, but it has an open top!
  6. Oh oh oh look in Sophia's eye candy thread in Reference Library...there should be some there.
  7. Oh oh oh Karman, you're so kind - thank you! There are so many pics of both bags. :smile:
  8. Good luck with your search and have a great vacation.
  9. Thank you dcooney! Whe will go to France at the end of september, and I'm looking forward to my visit at the store there. I would buy a very classic bag, and I hope, that I'll have this one for a few years. I have bought tooo much bags just for a few weeks or months, and then I have sold them on eBay because I wasn't satisfied with them (not good to open, MC design I don't like, but all the same I have bought two bags in MC!!, bag was too often to see on other ladies, shoulder straps who hurts my shoulders and so on, and so on!:rolleyes::rolleyes:). So I hope I'll find a classic bag for a long time - otherwise it hurts my wallet too much!! :nuts:Greetings from cold and rainy Switzerland!
  10. Have you tried the Alma in Damier. It's a very elegant bag with a cell phone holder inside and it's not to heavy. It is a handheld though. The knightsbridge is beautiful but it looks like it might be heavy when all your things are in it, with all the extra buckles. I have the Alma and love it. I haven't seen up close the other two so I can not give an response on those. Good luck ! Can't wait to see what you choose.We just finished a week of rain here also. Hope the weather is good when you take your trip.
  11. I have the Alma in Mono, Damier and black Epi! The Alma is my absolutely favorite of LV and I would never sell them. If I had to choose to have just one LV bag, I would go for an Alma! The Alma is my "love" and the one and only real icone of Louis Vuitton. Thank you!