Has anybody hugged a penquin?

  1. Or anything similar?

    I know this probably sounds really weird and random but I think penquins are completely adorable and well.. squishy looking LOL.

    Ok. You all probably think I'm crazy now. :upsidedown:
  2. I never have but I think it would be very cool. :yes:
    No pun intended. :p
  3. That's a good question... can any penguin species be kept as pets, does anyone know?

    Can you imagine trying to walk a penguin?!
  4. ^^ OMG!! So cute!
  5. For your viewing pleasure....who wouldn't want to hug one of these guys!

  6. OMG they look so adorable in their sweaters.
  7. Wordbox, loved the vid!

    I wouldn't want a King Penguin, though... I want one of the little ones!
  8. Oh my gosh...Sooooooooooooo very cute!!!! :heart::yes:
  9. haven't hugged a penguin yet, but I used to raise chickens and roosters. hugged them all the time.
  10. Heres a Tawny Frogmouth. I've "hugged" one of these. (he didn't like it much!) Does that count?
  11. I love penguins :love:
  12. Penguins in sweaters!! oh dear....so cute. I would hug one if I ever had the chance. haha

    Bagnshoo...you hugged a bird!! lol