Has anybody here owned an Ellipse?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a moyen Ellipse. Any good/bad experiences? Thoughts? This would be my first "big" LV purchase aside from a wallet and a looping bag.
  2. I own one but not Moyen. Mine is Petit and I LOVE it!!!
  3. I thought about a Petit but I tend to carry a lot of junk around. I keep buying small purses, and never have enough room! How much can you cram in a Petit?
  4. It fits quite a few things but I never tried to do up the zipper so I don't know how much actually fits in the bag when it's done up. I think there is a pic of some one's Ellipse PM with stuff in it. Let me have a look.
  5. That would be great! Thanks.
  6. I LOVE the ellipse, especially in PM it looks so cute. I gave my mom this for her birthday and she loves it now too! You should get it, it's so easy to get into because it zips all the way around. Plus it is one of LV's classics but not owned by everyone and their grandma like the speedy.
  7. Here is a pic of Pidgeon92's ellipse with stuff in it:
  8. Yup..I have the PM and my mom has the large shoulder bag/shopper version that was discontinued a few years ago.
    I love my PM! It's so different, I rarely ever see anyone with it since so many people have Speedys these days. :yes:
  9. I nearly bought the big one from Fashionphile yesterday but decided it was just too big. I like the Ellipse bag for all the reasons you've mentioned -- I tend to go for items that aren't seen everywhere. I'm still leaning toward the Moyen tho....
  10. OMG I bought this bag used*pm style*, and love it !!!
    I recommend to everyone, it holds a ton :smile:
  11. So the PM and the Moyen are the same then? Or is there a difference like there would be in clothing sizes?
  12. I've been dying for the peitie ellipse for forever now!! I might just have to do it!!
  13. The PM is the smallest version and the MM is the larger one. I think some people find the MM to be too big, but you'd really have to try them both at the store and see what you think.
  14. I have the Petit version and like others above I Love it. It holds quite a lot really because of the structured shape of it. I can fit, a large purse, keys, mobile phone, tissues, lippy, mascara, small hairbrush and small bottle of hand wash (for the kids) in it. I could probably get more. The only thing I do find is that because the pocket is small in it and my mobile phone isn't really, when it rings I do have to dig into the bag to find it, but thats nothing major.
  15. I also have the PM and I just love it! It really does fit a lot and I have to agree with the others that it is nice to have something a little different and more unique.