Has anybody heard of this payment option

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  1. I've never heard of that before.
  2. I think it's like google checkout.
  3. http://www.mybabypet.com/checkout.htm

    I have never heard of it, nor would I ever deal with it. As crazy as I will get with paying a seller is BidPay/Googlecheckout and I always pay with an AMEX just in case. And, the sellers usually have tons of feedback as is and mostly positive. If they have any negs, it was more than likely retaliatory for non-payment from deadbeat bidders.

    Plus, that seller just joined eBay recently and only has 8 feedback. Their auctions should probably be reported for circumventing fees.
  4. It could be like it, but why does the website look so horrible? It just seems wrong, like a fake handbag site. LOL
  5. Do a search for that checkout on eBay. It has been discussed on the Shoes & Handbags Board, I believe.
  6. Definitly don't pursue this auction:

    "There is a ring of professional crooks running eBay auctions from a chinese-based website. Many times their auction page will have dozens of pictures of other available items - it is strongly recommended that you do NOT click on any of these photos! They will take you to a fraudulent site outside of Ebay.

    "Ebay" will show up in the link that you see in the Adreess Bar of your browser but that is fake - the actual link goes to a Chinese site selling fakes called MyBabyPet. If you buy any of these items you will not only be getting a fake but you'll have NO Ebay protection for the transaction.

    Almost all the bidders and "winners" are members of the same gang using different IDs. Most will have IDs that are just random letters and numbers, and all leave glowing feedback for the items they "bought". The positve feedback is fake too just like their bags and wallets. Start checking the bidders and buyers of these auctions and you'll see what I mean.

    To make it even worse, there is no Paypal accepted. They claim to have their own "escrow" service called "Mybabypet Payment Service" to take your Visa or Mastercard information. They'll take it all right - they'll steal it and whatever else thay can steal - it's possible that clicking on some of their links can install keyloggers to steal your Ebay, Paypal, credit card and banking information as well. But they WILL steal your credit card information!

    These professional crooks have been repeatedly reported to Ebay but as usual Ebay does NOTHING to stop the problem. If you see any auctions that offer more items thru pictures with links or any that refer to MyBabyPet payment service, do NOT click on any of the links!

    If by any chance you've ever bought from these theives or given them your credit card information, contact your CC company immediately and have that number cancelled and frozen and get a new card and number." - http://knowknockoffsforum.com/forums...hp/t23395.html
  7. I've never heard of it and I wouldn't want to use it, especially after what Michy posted. I'd rather risk using Paypal than that one.
  8. I've never heard of it and quite honestly their website doesn't look very professional. I'd stay away.
  9. Ebay started recquiring that all new seller accounts must accept paypal or have their own merchant accounts to accept credit cards......that may be what this is.

    Personally myself, I feel safer using paypal and highly doubt I would ever give my CC info to a website that I have never heard of before. I thought Ebay had a list of accepted merchants people could use.....but I could be wrong.
  10. never heard and just doubt, seller even has no logo of that merchant. Just wonder if you'll be able to charge back or something? :confused1:
  11. I checked the site but find such a site to purchase online, not to make payment for auction :confused1:
  12. Do not go to any mybabypet website or buy anything from them. As posted above, it is a ring of scammers selling fake merchandise.
  13. Looks like the auction's been removed...
  14. Anything that prompts this much discussion and unresolved questions is, for me, a no-no . . .