Has ANYBODY Heard from charleston-mom ?? - I miss her

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  1. Hi everyone, has anyone heard from the member "charleston-mom" she hasnt posted since june, I dont want to PM her incase she is busy or has any personal problems.

    I would just like to know she is ok, she made Amazing posts in the LV section. Maybe I took her for granted and we didnt PM eachother that often. I keep thinking "is she ok". I just wish she would come back.

    If anybody has heard/spoken to her please let me know. Maybe she has moved on from bags but I just miss her personality around here. :heart:
  2. Her posts were always intelligent and thought- provoking; I hope she finds her way back to us soon!
  3. Charleston-Mom is doing fabulous- I just talked with her recently. I am not sure if she lurks oh here- but I will pass along the message for you.:yes:
  4. I miss her too...If you're reading this, K, I miss our discussions via PM and I think of you and miss you.
  5. thankyou, tell her I miss her and I hope to see her back here soon :smile:
  6. i miss her too! she's a doll!
  7. Hi everyone! I think I was around some this summer, but had a gastric bypass in August and things were a little wild before that. I had some severe complications from a prior adjustable laparoscopic banding and my stomach was dying - had to have revision surgery - was quite ill - near death actually. I'm doing just great now - Have lost 57 pounds since surgery, only 50 more to go - to goal of size 2.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me. I've missed you all!
  8. There she is, with her lilacs!
    Take care of your health! And congrats!
  9. I will post a picture when I hit the goal weight of 115! Thanks everyone!
  10. Great to hear from you! Wow you have had a lot on your plate, but I'm so glad that you are better. Congrats on the amount of weight you have lost and good luck with the rest you want to loose, not much further to go!!
  11. Yeah, you're okay. God bless you.
  12. Goodness, I've been wondering about you too. No idea, you have been so seriously ill! It's good to hear you have turned the corner and are doing better! Best wishes:flowers:.
  13. I'm glad you're doing better- it's good to see you around!
  14. Wow, 2 is tiny...I would have to lose 50lbs to be a 2 also. Just under the two digits would have me estatic. Good luck to you.
  15. oh wow! i am sorry to hear you were so sick. i'm glad you're on the mend and congrats on your loss!!! glad you're back!