Has anybody had expereance with http://www.hartings.co.nz/ugg_australia.asp?cid=eu

  1. I want to buy ugg's truth the internet because they are very exspensive in Holland. Does anybody has suggestions for a company that sells ugg's and ships to holland?
  2. I've always been confused about this. Is The Netherlands the same as Holland? lol :smile: SOrry if this makes me sound like an idiot.

    Contact these people:



    Aventurijn 218
    3316 LB Dordrecht
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 7863 16770
    Fax: +31 7863 15004
    Contact: Mart Verspoor
    Email: info@radicals.nl
    Radicals B.V.

    UGG Boots, Women's Boots, Sheepskin Boots, Men's Boots

    They should be able to help ya :biggrin:

    If the Netherlands is the same as holland, here is a list of dealers:

    UGG® Australia :: Schoenen - Laarzen - Boots - Accessoires - UGG - Uggs - Ugs - Collectie
  3. I know i can buy in Holland (yes its the same as the netherlands ;)
    But the price is 230 euros! it's double the price compared to the u.s.a
  4. TNX! please let me know how it went.
  5. Yikes! Had no idea they were that expensive there :o

    One of the things that I'd suggest is finding someone who you know online to order them from a US website and have them ship it to you. That way you'd save money. Lots of stores in the US have UGGs on sale around this time of year.
  6. well- I had the same experience- looking for uggs by accident and shocked by the price
    went on google and was looking for a good shop and ended up on a website were they sell the same boots- handmade- sheepskin from NZ for only half the price incl. shipping
    I gave it a try- need some as I'm gonna be in russia for a few weeks soon- they arrived today- I'm so happy!
    they send the shoes straight from NZ- without any papers marked as a gift so it went straight through customs- received the invoice on seperate mail
    I like that attitude from a company :yes:

    here are some pics- if interested I can tell you the website

    It's doesn't say UGG on the shoe- but that doesn't count for me- I just need my feet kept warm, comfortable and needed light and easy to carry around shoes. Since I've read so many good things from the original fans before UGG became popular I decided to go for it.
    enough said- here's some pics
    IMGP0195.JPG IMGP0196.JPG IMGP0197.JPG
  7. am I cynical if I doubt it's real UGGs?
    it may be sheepskin etc. but it's not the original UGG brand- just the style.. look at the text exactly

    Please let us know when they arrive- would be interesting to know!
  8. Hi, I am new to this but just noticed your thread about the Uggs. This site is good and it sells genuine Uggs. I have bought two pairs from there but mine were the proper ones that say Ugg Australia on them. I think you picked the wrong ones, the ones you have picked are a different style. Below is a link to the ones that say UGG on them:

    Classic Tall Boot - Chestnut