Has anybody gotten a degree online?

  1. I'm one of those people that can't concentrate in class. I learn best on my own; if a professor is boring I tend to space out for great lengths of time. I have a BA from UW-Milwaukee in Anthropology and a minor in Criminal Justice. However I hated UWM and do not wish to go there for my masters. But- they don't have Criminal Justice Grad programs anywhere around here. I'm pretty certain that's what I want to do. So I see that UW-Platteville and the University of Cincinnati offer online grad programs in CJ. I would not consider "going" to a school like Phoenix University or something; Somehow I think that wouldn't look as good as a bona fide college. But then, I don't know how they are viewed, to be honest.

    So... has anybody done something like this? Seeing as how I work full time, and need to keep my job for the tuition reimbursement, moving for grad school isn't an option. Oh, Michigan State University also offers an online criminal justice masters. Mom doesn't think what school you go to matters, but I can't help but think that MSU would look better than UW- Platteville or Kaplan University...
  2. i live in a rural area and just about the only way to finish a degree without moving is to do it online. i've taken a few online classes and know a handful of people who have completed their degrees almost entirely online.

    depending on the degree, sometimes there's a class or two that are only offered in person. they usually make them at night and only once or twice a week, but you'd still have to drive. i'd check into how many in person classes the program requires before committing to it.

    i'm a very visual learner so i do much better in online classes. it's hard for me to concentrate on a spoken lecture no matter how gifted the professor is....but online i get to read the information at my own pace. it's also nice that i can do classwork when it's convenient for me.

    all the online degrees i've seen don't show how many online classes you took or say "online degree" on them. they're just a degree from that university...nobody would know how you finished it unless you told them. it also seems to me that online learning is becoming more and more common and therefore, more respected. my friends that finished their degrees haven't had any problems getting jobs.

    just my two cents. :smile:
  3. I'm just about to start one in Feb and I'm sooo excited! I'm doing a law degree with the Open University and it's perfect how I can still work a few days a week whilst I learn.
  4. me too! i cant concentrate in classroom that's the main reason why when i was in high skool,i never went to skool more than 3 days a week.now ive just graduated high skool and really thinking about studying online but still dont have any information about it.I wanna study science or law for undergraduate degree online. anyone know good ones?
    pls advise me!
  5. ME ME ME! :smile: I did it and I LOVED it! I like to do things my own way and in my own time. The only thing is that you have to be committed and organized. You can't slack off and leave everything until the last minute.

    I earned mine through Washington State University's Distance Degree Program.

    My husband is currently earning his through University of Phoenix. Of the two, I'd recommend WSU DDP program over U of P. U of P seems easier to me but it is taught by 'professionals' more than professional professors. They don't seem to me to take as much of an interest since it isn't their full job. Plus U of P is a for profit school (nothing wrong with that) so it is more expensive.

    He is doing great with it though and only has a couple classes left to get his Bachelors in Criminal Science. Woohoo!

    I know that WSU has a criminal justice program via DDP but from what I heard it is hard to get into (my husband couldn't because it was full when he started).

    So I fully endorse getting your degree online. I also worked full time while "going" to school this way. And I got tuition assistance ... the only way I could ever afford to go. :smile:
  6. Thanks :smile: I've decided there's no way I'll get into Michigan State's program... but then I haven't taken the GRE yet so who knows if I will get accepted anywhere.
  7. I am finishing up my Masters on-line from the University of Maryland. This is my last class - three more weeks and I am done!!!!! Anyway, I liked it better than attending classes. However, it does take a lot of discipline, and involves a lot of reading and writing.