Has anybody found a nice cover or case for Kindle 2?


Apr 23, 2006
I've searched the forum trying to find posts about this but not much said about a cute Kindle cover. I thought I'd ask in this forum in hopes that some nice covers are out there -- they sell Cole Haan covers at amazon and many others as well from zip pouches to leather covers, but would prefer to find something else. Seems like some designers missing out here as I know I would buy something from Coach or LV or MJ or .....

What are you using?? :biggrin:


Mar 5, 2009
I'm sure you could find a lovely clutch, crossbody or wristlet from any of the major designers which you could use to hold your Kindle. Depending on how much you'd like to spend, you could choose from Hermes clutches & pouches to Coach swingpacks & wristlets.

At the current time, Cole Haan and M-Edge are the big players in the Kindle covers, but there is a wide variety in designs and materials. You should also look Kindle sleeves, some of which look like pouches.

As for other designers that you mentioned making Kindle covers, they would be wise to wait until the e-book business sorts itself out in regards to platform. Currently, there are several e-Readers available, including Sony, Kindle and Nook, which were recently joined by Apple's i-pad.

I bought the M-Edge with hinges in black leather, so when I read on the subway, it looks like just another leather-bound agenda. OTOH, my youngest niece has a bright lime green neoprene cover, and a writer friend has what I thought was a mock croc wristlet/purse but is, in reality, a Kindle jacket in amethyst! While riding the subway recently, I saw what looked like an old New Yorker magazine cover hiding a Kindle. Interesting choices, all.



Feb 13, 2007
I had mine made by AB Sutton. They have a lot of leathers to choose from and you can choose the style of case you want. It is custom made though so takes about 3 weeks. The book-style case with monogram featured on the site is mine. I absolutely love it!



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Dec 16, 2006
There are some nice Cole Haan on Amazon.com
The Cole Haan ones are pretty, but they're very stiff and won't fold back on themselves. I found it difficult to hold the Kindle in one hand. I ended up ditching my CH Kindle cover within a couple of weeks.

The AB Sutton website looks fantastic! I'm so happy, you guys! Thanks for sharing your finds.


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Apr 20, 2006
Lenox & Phipps
EEP! These are so gorgeous!

Do they bend back on themselves or are they like the Cole Haan ones that won't fold and are uncomfortable to hold?

Thanks for the link!
They bend back easily. The leather is soft but thick and sturdy enough to last for years.


May 3, 2007
I went through Amazon's original Kindle 2 cover, an Oberon (way too heavy for me, however beautiful, so I sold it), and another whose name I've forgotten; Finally found perfection - the Mivizu Sleek Amazon Kindle 2 Leather cover in purple stone. Very nice. Adds no weight, bends back so I can easily prop my K2 up wherever, and is easy-peasy to hold. They have it in a multitude of colors.

Yes, you can bend the top all the way back, and yes, it is sturdily made and snaps on easily.