Has anybody ever tried to distress a leather bag ?

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  1. Hi, I just bought a MJ Venetia bag and I would like it to look older. Is there anyway to distress a leather bag without runing it ?
  2. don't actually think so... the way distressed leather is made is actually by, er, whipping and smacking the leather until they become soft and have got the distressed look.. doing that to your MJ Venetia would destroy the shape and destroy the leather.
  3. If you are clumsy enough, and use the bag frequently and for a long enough period of time, it will self-distress, with no effort at all on your part!
  4. I just bought this bag and unfortunatly it was an inpulsive purchase and I'm not loving the color (it's pink). anything I can do about it ? dye it maybe ? I can't return it.
  5. You might have a professional dye it.
  6. Haha, ShimmaPuff! That's what I was going to post! I see furniture that sells for a high price and it's "distressed wood"--my furniture gets that way naturally!
  7. I sometimes place my bag on the floor in public restrooms, but I'm just daring that way.
  8. I think you should sell the pink bag and buy something you really love. If it's authentic MJ and in good condition you can probably get a decent price, especially if you wait until spring when pink bags are more popular.

    Good luck!
  9. ^ ITA. :yes:

    What you don't love, someone else will. :biggrin: I really don't think you should dye a bag, unless it is so badly stained that you can't avoid it.

    I also think that distressing a bag would be an inadvisable thing to do. Much better to buy one that is made from distressed leather, in a colour you love. :yes:
  10. ^^ I agree.. sell it and buy something u love!