Has anybody ever had their zipper pull put on the other side?

  1. I'm left handed and when i wear my speedy with the sipper pull in front of me the lv's are upside down and that bother me. I'm also interested in the pochette wallet and i would need the tab on the other side to.
  2. i'm left handed so i wear the bag on my right arm. hmm not sure how the lv's look but whatever it doesnt bother me. I dont think lv is going to move a zipper for you and if you get it done else where lv wont touch the bag in the future since its been tampered with.
  3. I wear the bag in my left hand. wallets are always a real pain for me! but most people are right handed so they probably won't change anything. Just like there are no nice shoes for people with big feet
  4. I had that problem when I started collecting LV. Afterwards I just made sure I pick bags I can wear on my left arm. My speedy I just turned it around. I don't believe they will change the zipper. If they did it would be expensive.
  5. Don't get me started on the shoe thing. I love shoes! Designers don't love me.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  6. ^^^OT.... Would you recommend the boutique in Amsterdam? Or do you have other stores that sell LV?
  7. hmmm. you could SO a bag with the opposite zipper pulll maybe...
  8. It's ok, they don't have everything like they have in paris and its the only store and sometimes the SA's are snotty but thats not only in Amsterdam