Has anybody ever dealt with a rescue dog organization?

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  1. I'm just kinda curious I guess. About two weeks ago, we had a female Rottweiler show up at our property in the country. (She is in my avatar at the time I'm writing this.) We're pretty sure she is a purebred and she is the sweetest dog I've ever seen! Even our Schnauzer likes her (OK - he likes everybody...).

    After calling all the local vets; our neighbors; posting pics and "FOUND" notices everywhere, I tried contacting rescue organizations to try to find the dog a home. Only one has even bothered to respond to me and they basically said "sorry can't help you." Oh - one other group did email me to say "your best bet is to try to find a shelter that will take a Rottie."

    Isn't that what rescue groups do? Rescue the dogs and find homes for them?? Or am I missing something here? I was shocked that nobody bothers to call me back or email me back!

    edited to add: I have ONLY contacted Rottweiler rescue groups -- in my state and the 4 surrounding states.

    (In the meantime, we have pretty much decided to keep her and maybe find a home for her ourselves. So far we've treated her for fleas/ticks ((hubby spent hours one day removing ticks from her face, neck and body - ugh! Poor dog!)) and got a collar for her. Next step is the vet.)
  2. It is hard to find rescue groups willing to deal with a rottie. Truly they have sweet personalities but have a rep (similar to my American Pit Bull Terriers - so I know how it is). Your best bet is to contact a rescue agency that works specifically with the breed.

    If you do send her to a shelter please choose one that is a no kill.
  3. I haven't had any experiance on that end of it. I thought it was their job to take them , they are supposed to be a rescue group. Although we did adopt a rottweiler from one and she was in very bad shape when we got her, Extremley thin(ribs showing) and extremly scared (she would look at you as you walked behind her).
  4. Try to find a rottweiler specific rescue. Regular rescues may not take rottweiler's due to the stigma they carry (I myself have had one and he was the sweetest dog too!). If you already have then the rescues are probably overwhelmed. I know many rescues here in Phoenix are in desperate need of pet fosters and volunteers. I'm sorry your rescues weren't able to help. In the mean time (if you are able too) just care for the dog as if it were yours. You'll be an angel for it!
  5. I should've mentioned -- I only contacted Rottweiler rescue groups!!!

    We will not take her to a shelter... I know the bad reps that Rotties have gotten over the past 15-20 years and would be worried someone will be looking for a more aggressive dog. I was pretty worried when I saw this girl standing in my driveway one morning! Just never know... but she is a doll.
  6. I'm not sure where you're located, but here is a site with a list of all the North American rottweiler rescue organizations:

    Good luck finding a home for her. She's very lucky to have someone taking such good care of her (lucky dog!).
  7. rescue groups operate on donations and volunteers. most are stretched to the limit on those resources and space. if they are not responding to you its because they do not have the room for another animal. there are sooooo many stray or lost dogs/cats out there, it is overwhelming. please don't think they don't care. it breaks their heart to be unable to help everyone. if you can't really keep the dog, be a foster family for her until you do find someone. (chances are you will fall in love with her and just add her to the family!)
  8. We did contact Rottweiler groups only... I guess I'm just frustrated over it and maybe I was looking to them as the savior for this dog.

    I love the dog and so does my family, so we're keeping her for now and IF the right person comes along and wants her, then we might think about letting her go. It's very hard to find a dog a home -- but whenever a potential home showed any interest, as soon as I mention she is a Rottie, I get an immediate NO. :sad:
  9. Oh she looks SOOO sweet!!! I've only ever had pleasant Rot experiences. Every one that I've ever met has been such a doll...sweet, kind, gentle, and fun!

    If you can keep her, do! Otherwise perhaps foster her until someone can adopt full time. I know that shelters are super full and have to turn away dogs often. Our little girl was at the kill shelter for a full week over her scheduled death date because they just loved her so much. The non kill shelter just didn't have a space until then and then we found her!

    Could you post on petfinder? That's how we found our girl. Good luck!
  10. Give it some time. I'll bet she has a family somewhere. Judging by your pic she looks healthy. If she's sweet/well socialized just hang on to her. Bless you for not taking her to the shelter...I always had the idea in the back of my mind that dogs with stigmas (rotties, pitts etc) get euthanized sooner.
  11. Maybe post on pets911.com Lots of resources for people who have lost or found pets. OT but my baby was also a rescue dog and was featured on petfinder.com That site gets a lot of traffic!
  12. Thanks for that post. You know, I guess I just wasn't thinking that they ARE volunteers and work on donations. Even though I read that on most of the websites. :shame:

    We are keeping her for now. We're taking her to the vet this week. :smile:
  13. Just read your edited post....you're making a great decision! Keep us posted! She really does look like a sweet baby!
  14. I am so glad she ended up on someones property that cares. Seriously brings a tear to my eye. You are an angel for her.
  15. Thanks for the petfinder and pet911 websites -- I will check there to see if maybe someone lost her! Just occured to me that maybe she has a microchip, too. Hopefully our vet can tell for us although we may have to go to a larger city for that one...

    She has obviously been very well cared for in the past. I think her teeth have even been professionally cleaned! We're guessing she's maybe around 4-5 years old (has some grey hairs on her) and has the most beautiful teeth!