Has Anybody Else Noticed Fake Bags Selling Like Hot Cakes on eBay?

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  1. I live In Ireland but use eBay.uk. Every so often I check out Balenciaga to see how much authentic bags are selling for. But every time I look I see numerous fakes of various brands (under £200) that are selling like hot cakes. Full-price/near-retail bags often go unsold or are re-listed. Only last night I noticed a red 'Balenciaga' City. It was on Buy it Now for £65. By the time I refreshed the page it had been sold! I often see stuff like this and have reported a few sellers to eBay (but to no avail).

    I think UK consumers are less worried about fake bags than their US counterparts. And I'm sure people look at the style, like it, recognize it for the knockoff it is, but just think, 'That'll be great for work, day-to-day, etc!' and snap it up. Members here have often wondered why people carry fake bags. I think it's not to difficult to answer, even without asking the owners of fake bags. They think they look good and have no intention of paying top dollar for bags they might only use for a short while. It's not always to do with how much money they have. Convenience is also a factor. People see those designer bags in magazines, on TV etc, and just buy copies of the real deals. I wonder if it's the same on eBay US?
  2. I know of course that fake bags are nothing new on eBay. I'm just amazed at the continuing prevalence of them, given the large fines imposed on them in recent months. I'd say it's really just down to supply and demand. Some people (rather a lot of people) like fake bags and there are plenty of sellers of these.
  3. I don't follow ebay, so I haven't noticed any trends there. I will say, however, that the economy over here in the US is weaker than ever and there may be those of us over here who just can't plunk down the $2500 or so for the top designer bag of the season, so some women might be tempted to go down that road more so now than a few years ago. It could happen. I hope not.
  4. I think the things you refer to are most definitely happening, Compass Rose. I just could not believe how quickly that fake Balenciaga bag was snapped up. Having noticed this however I am in no way condemning people for buying fake bags. Their current popularity is just a sign of the times. I have also noticed that when an auction ends I am often directed to fake designer bag sites. That too is a sign of the times. But I haven't been tempted.
  5. I think that in the UK in particular, it's part of the whole 'looking like you can afford it' thing. I'm from the UK myself so I've grown up with it, people wearing 20 necklaces round their necks thinking it makes them look rich when it really just makes them look cheap. People think that because they aren't smart enough to know fake from genuine, others aren't either.
  6. that was my original thought, but i was really thinking that i dont know how many "cross-over" buyers you are going to find. i feel like the people that buy the real thing wouldnt go for fakes, even in a crashing economy :shrugs: its interesting though...
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    Nope, but then again I don't watch fakes. Ebay has always been a breeding ground for the fake market, that's nothing new.
  8. The fakes on ebay (and fakes generally) do seem to be more and more popular, you just need to see how fast that thread over at TFS moves.......on that note, apparently those NBF Balenciaga reps are being sold as authentics on ebay!