Has anybody else heard this? re: perfo line

  1. I heard from 866 that the perfo line is being re-released!? The lady I spoke to said she wasn't sure when it would happen and whether or not they were changing anything about the line, but that it was coming back!? That's why Eluxury is getting them in.......Has anybody else heard anything about this? Also, is it likely that they will "change" things about the line, or do you think it will stay the same?

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. How funny because elux has fush and green again.. for the longest time they only had orange.
    fush and green.jpg mini.jpg
  3. Maybe they're just getting rid of old stock?
  4. I LOVE this line. I didn't hear that at all though. But since this line has been on vuitton.com since it first came out practically almost 1 year ago... and it was still up on the site the other day, although I look now, and its not, SURPISES me and makes me think they will keep it around? Perhaps add more pieces and colors! The embossed collection and Miroir are not even on the French site any more! and the Perfo was on there way longer lol
  5. On one side I'm yay-ing because I'm beating myself up about not getting the fuschia speedy and musette, but on the other hand, there are lines I'd wish they would re-release other than perf. Cerises for example :love:
  6. No, I haven't heard that.
  7. I'd have to agree with this, because I was told that they were re-releasing the monogram mini line in the stores too.
  8. I hope they bring the perfo back.
  9. I haven't heard anything yet but that would be great! I want a perfo plate in orange but I'm not ready to buy it so if that's the case I have time.
  10. Yes there are posts in the shopping thread. There are limited quantities being "re-released" .
  11. I think they are just getting rid of old stock. :smile:
  12. I think it's good to hear they are bringing back some lines ex. mini monogram.
  13. i think it was true because my S.A. told me the same thing last week:yes:
  14. :yes: ITA sweetlove! I want Mat or Glace back:crybaby:
  15. i wndered about the groom being rereleased too because theres a new feature about it on the LV site.