has anybody bought from authentic_lvlady.

  1. cause i want to buy a louis vuitton bag from her and wanted to know if anybody has dealt with her.
  2. Yes, I have. Although Balenciaga, I know of some pfers that have bought from ths seller as well.
    If you are interested, go for it.
  3. I believe she is an MPRS - My Poupette Recommended Seller... So she should be legit..

    You can check if she is on the My Poupette website
  4. She is totally great all her items are authentic
    no worries with that seller
    i think she is also a member here
  5. I have! On more than 1 occassion! Everything was 100% authentic!
  6. I've not bought from her before, but have asked questions on her items, and she's always been helpful, and her items always authentic. :smile:
  7. Have never bought from her, but have communicated with her through eBay a few times and she's always been very nice and helpful!
  8. I ever bought once, her LV is so beautiful but I'm a little disappointed with the way she packaged my LV. I asked for free shipping then she fold my Vanilla Jasmin, make it create some crease on the both sides leather anyway, she also quick respond
  9. I've purchased from her, great seller!
  10. Yes, I bought a Speedy from her. Great price on it, and authentic. Wonderful seller!
  11. I purchased a bag from her. She is a great seller!
  12. authentic items but she is a little bit rude
  13. I have purchased several bags from her, she is very nice, but i returned all of the bags I bought (3). They always seemed to be more used and worn when I received them in person.

    Because of that I dont even look at her auctions anymore. (too tempting, she does have nice stuff1) She will accept returns with no problem, but YOU have to pay the shipping to ship to her overseas if you return anything. And shipping global express with insurance is costly to make sure she gets it back.
  14. two words: MOTH BALLS
  15. yikes. lol