Has anybody been to a Barney's Outlet?

  1. What are those stores all about? How are they set up? Are they pretty good? What about their designer clothing selection?
  2. I've been to the one in Massachusetts, it's decent sized, they have an okay selection, a lot of Barney's brand stuff. I don't see any other brand handbags there though. A lot of Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing, and some Vince stuff. Sorry I don't have anymore detail, I haven't been there since I was prego! lol.
  3. I went to the one in South Beach on Collins right after Christmas. They had great prices, I just didn't see anything I wanted. They had a $398 Marc by Marc Jacobs dress I was going to get but it didn't fit right. It was marked down to about $115.

    Edit: Oops just realized that was a Co-op store. I did go to the outlet in Orlando over the summer and I was not impressed. I walked in and walked right out. I didn't see any main stream designer brands at that time. I was disappointed.
  4. Honestly, I'm unimpressed. I was just at the one in Cabazon and it's almost all special purchase. When we asked the manager about the merchandise selection and if anything came from the main stores, she just look exasperated and said that they haven't received anything from Beverly Hills in a long time. They used to have amazing deals - wedding dresses even - but I am really unimpressed with the selection. And the prices. They had a bunch of pleather handbags that were just gross.
  5. I've been to the one at Cabazon and it's pretty good. To me, it's almost like the actual store!
  6. I went to the one in Camarillo and I was pretty disappointed. Mostly a lot of Barney's stuff. I thought they would have a better selection of handbags and denim. They had a few TR jeans out, but not much.
  7. I've been to the one at Woodbury and Tanger outlet in ny as well as the chelsea premium outlets in conn.. They all have pretty much the same items. They had a few rebecca taylor tops, MJ coats, splendid tanks, seven jeans, etcetc but not thatm uch o a disc. I would say maybe 30% off retail? Sometimes you can get really good deals in the clearance section
  8. I have been to the one in Napa and it is excellent! If it were closer, I would go there all the time. I have gotten great shoes, handbags, and clothes there, including MJ clothes and designer jeans, Manolo Blahnik and Louboutin shoes. They are a little spottier on the handbags but I've seen great bags there from time to time too.
  9. I have been to the Barney's outlets in Camarillo, CA and Cabazon, CA. I am unimpressed with both. Neither has designer handbags--they are just Barney's brand that are not very nice looking. They have a lot of Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing and sometimes have decent designer shoes like Christian Loubitouin (sp) and Prada but in limited size (like only 2 pairs) or the style is just not cute.

    I would say it is not worth it to go just for the Barney's outlet if the drive is far.
  10. I've been to the one in Woodbury Commons, NY. It was ok... I did score a lovely pair of boots... but there wasn't much of selection on the handbags front.
  11. I've been to the one in (near?) San Diego and I was not impressed. For the handbag selection, they had I think one MbyMJ bag and it was priced pretty steep IMO, and the rest were Barney's brand bags. For the clothes, they had a decent layout but no great deals. Shoes were mediocre as well. I probably wouldn't go there again anytime soon.
  12. OMG louboutin shoes??? i wish!!!
  13. I've seen Manolos for as low as $78 at the one in Woodbury. However, they do tend to look a little beat up. They used to have a better bag selection, but in recent years the quality has really gone down. If you happen to be there it's still worth checking out, but I wouldn't make a trip specifically just for them.
  14. I'd say I'm also not impressed with the one in Cabazon, especially the handbag section. The Saks Off 5th ave is better than the Barney's in Cabazon. They have a better selection of handbags, shoes and clothes all around.
  15. I once purchased some Manolo Mary Janes at a Barneys outlet (similar to the ones in my profile) for $200 so I have nothing but good things to say about Barneys outlets :smile: Also, the Napa one once had a Prada bag that was TDF that was like $400 that I still regret not buying.