Has any1 ever found their roommate from an ad?

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  1. Besides roommating with people you already know like friends, has anyone ever moved in with someone they found online? Like Craigslist?

    I've been talking to/emailing this one nice girl in the area. We spoke on the phone briefly to schedule a showing and she seems perfect for a roommate.

    Just curious if I'm an oddball for doing this and wondering if anyone else has done this. :angel:
  2. There is no such thing as the perfect roommate FYI and IMHO, I think you meant to say that she sounds like the most likely candidate out of most crazies you've interviewed to fill your empty room LOL

    2 years ago I went through the same ordeal where I found my roommate on CL and he is still living with me but if I could pay the whole rent myself then I would gladly release him of his contract because he's nothing what I thought he would be - THANK GOD we have separate bathrooms!

    Just make sure that you know what you'll getting yourself into and figure out all costs/legality - Good Luck!
  3. I found my ex-roommate on rent.com, we lived together for 3 years and it was fine. Just make sure you ask said roommate questions and make sure that you're comfortable with them from the beginning. And just know that nothing is going to be perfect and you might get on each others nerves but like in all relationships communication is key.
  4. I will never NEVER do a roommate situation ever again. Here's my list of winners:

    - Klepto Roomie. After I suspected, I locked my door. That didn't stop her. At first it was petty things like hairclips and clothing. Then it was money. The last straw was over a necklace my BF had given me. I turned my room upside down looking for it to no avail. About a week later, her mom called and bragged that Klepto Roomie had gotten her a beautiful necklace for Mother's Day -- and described the exact necklace I "lost".

    - Confused Roomie. When she moved in, she was straight, working on a separation from her husband. Then, she was lesbian. Then, she brought home a boyfriend, who was going through gender issues. Said BF became GF, but still preferred to be called by his name but with the female pronoun. All fine and dandy, even when they'd get angry with me for mixing up pronouns. The last straw: part of their experimentation meant BF/GF walking around in the nude, doing the "tuck"... all over the apt.

    - Addict Roomie. Self explanatory. Last straw: Walking into my apt building, I noticed some police activity. I walked past them and up another flight of stairs to my own apt. Addict Roomie roughly pulls me into apt., hysterically insisting I help her flush her stash down the drain. Addict Roomie's BF was in next room, alternately screaming ("You can't do that to MY drugs, you b!tch") and crying.

    That was it. I've been roomie-free for almost a decade. NEVER going back.

    Word of advice to you: SCREEN and ask for references!!!!!!

    Edited to say: If it's your apt., be sure to state that you reserve the right to request (with 30 day notice) that your renter vacate the premises. Comes in handy.
  5. i had the roomate from single young female, she started buying the same clothes as me...calling my boyfriend...showing up at strange places.

    ask lots of questions first!
  6. I haven't found a roommate from an ad, but my friends do this all the time and it's been fine. One of my friends went to look at a room in an apartment and ended up not choosing it. But because the guy was so nice, she invited him to her housewarming party and that's where he met another one of my friends and they got married 3 year later, lol!
  7. I've had two roomies I found through Craigslist. They were great.
    As long as you ask questions and set boundaries and expectations from the beginning then you'll be fine. You can even draft a written agreement of rules you both agree to adhere to so there are no misunderstandings or anyone "forgetting" later on.
  8. I found two roommates in law school through ads. One was posted at the law school, the other one through a local roommate search engine. Both situations turned out well, lucky me!
  9. I found my last roommate on Craigslist. He was actually a pretty good roommate. He just moved to Atlanta and his girlfriend is my new roommate until she moves out there with him. But I will mention that the management company I rent from requires background checks on anyone before they can move into the building. So I knew he was okay on a crime basis. Or at lease he hadn't been caught doing anything. :upsidedown: But it can work out. You just have to check the person out before. Best of luck on this working out for you.
  10. I might be doing this soon b/c moving home to save $$ is not an option now and I need to save money. I've never had a roommate short of a few who were assigned by the college dorm (one became a super great friend, one an acquaintance, and one was just special, we never fought/whatever, we just were VERY different), and one friend who I basically just rented a room from so my parents didn't freak about the time I spent with my ex:rolleyes:

    What are some good questions to ask?
  11. Is this your apt that you're look to sublet a room? Or looking to find another person to get an apt together?
  12. I have found roomies through ads and in my experience it has worked out much better than having a "friend" move in. But I much preferred to live by myself.
  13. I went the craigslist route when I moved last year. I moved into a house with 3 other girls. 2 of them moved out to be closer to their jobs, and we used it again to find roommates for their rooms. We get along pretty good, but its not the same thing as living with people you already know. I have known some people that become really good friends with the roommates they meet like this though.
  14. Yikes! Sounds like you've had quite the experiences with roommates.

    I'll remember the 30-day notice thing if I ever rent out a room...
  15. I had a great experience on craigslist recently. About a month and a half ago I found my place on craigslist with two great roommates. We've all become friends and have had no problems rooming together; we all keep different schedules, and two of us hang out socially along with rooming together. i had no choice as i was moving across country to a new city, so its been a pleasant surprise as to how well its worked out! definitely ask questions. its a two way roommate interview - both parties (hopefully) want it to work out, so make sure you click and exchange schedules and a list of rules/boundaries. are they looking for just a roommate, or a friend and a roommate? even little things like when people shower can make a difference. references are also not a bad idea.