Has any tried Philosophy A Few..

  1. Good Men? I have some of their gloss, but really am wanting this strictly for the Milk Man. I am trying to justify buying the set for one gloss. Anybody tried these? What do you think? I also was liking the Lemon Custard gloss they had last time I was in Sephora, but didn't get one because I thought I really didn't need any more lip gloss. Now I want them both. :rolleyes: I hate it when I do that. Someone please tell me they are a must have or that they are gross, so I will either order them or get over it!:yes:
  2. OMG! This is freaky...I'm watching QVC and this set is on right now!! I think the set is adorable. I haven't tried these scents but I've tried other Philosophy lip shines and I love their smells!! You can always use the other two as stocking stuffers. I've given them before in Christmas gifts. :yes:
  3. Done...sold...LOL....I was thinking the same thing. I always do my sister and mom's stocking, so maybe they would like the gingerbread and bubblegum!!
    Sephora, look out!
  4. Woohoo! I happened into the Steals and Deals before I ordered all the glosses and even got myself 20% off with the friends and family coupon code!!! YAY!!!!
    (I also used this as an excuse to get my GoSmile compact and GOsmile toothpaste set!)
    Djgirl is very happy now!
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