Has any one shopped at the Louis Vuitton store in Edinburgh?

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  1. Just wondering if it was a good experience., it looks small inside, haven't been in there yet.
  2. Hi Hi!

    Yes, i shop there! it might be small, but it does have lots of L.E. stuff. The staff's awesome too! you'll like it! i :heart: it!
  3. ah thats really good to hear, after hearing about crap service in other countries I wanted to know if the one in Scotland was O.K., thanks.
  4. It's a great and very cute store! Staff is great too. SOmething funny appened to me there, I got the thing that makes makes the alaram go off with me in the shopping bag. It didn't make the alarm go off when I left and I found the plastic in my bag later. I didn't know what it was and took it back after which it was explained to me what happened. I'm so glad the alaarm didn't go off, that would be too crazy.
  5. Yes , it's my local LV, lots of goodies there.
  6. want sort of LE have there? any mono groon for guys or any LE guy stuff? lol :P